Forum Redesign


Its called Twizyowners, but there are now sections for other cars in the ZE range.

Could we not be loosing our identity?

I mean I am not knocking your work, its a great site, I am just worried we will get swallowed up in the more “normal” cars in the range.

Discuss… but no fighting. 8-|

I agree 100%. If I want a forum about electric cars ill go elsewhere. I want twizy info. Nothing else

It is a great site, but great sites need to evolve to remain relevant-I’ve no problem with a stand-alone Twizy site, but an EV site with the current forum as a Twizy section would work perfectly too.

The key thing is keeping the forum lively and well used, now and in the long term-and keeping the content interesting and well informed.

Personally, I would love to see a ZE forum with ZOE, Kangoo and Fluence members sharing the discussion areas, but with sections for Twizy, ZOE etc which are just relevant to the owners of that vehicle.

For example, a thread on fitting speakers into the roof holes on the Twizy would need to be under Twizy technical, but a thread on setting up a solar or Hydro set up to charge an EV would be relevant in a shared EV section. Bringing in more people and more knowledge under a combined site would add to it in my eyes.

Haha-been away, just had a look round the site at last and seen the above is done, d’oh!
Great stuff James

I get your point but then should it not be ev owners.

i am worried that future twizy owners will come here, get lost then not buy one.

I think it’s just me.

I wouldn’t say they wouldn’t buy one, I mp think they’d just go to another forum.

I completely understand some of the concerns with the redesign and it’s always been my intention to do what is best for the members on here.

However, I felt that the forum needed to evolve a little, just as it has been doing since day one back last summer. The current audience is a very niche audience, and whilst in some instances this can be a good thing, I just felt that we needed to open the site up to a slightly wider audience which would hopefully result in more members, more discussions, and more expertise overall.

The Twizy still has it’s own section which is exactly the same as it’s always been, except for the fact that I’ve moved more EV generic topics to their own part of the forum which I think makes sense in the long run.

Julianh, why do you say this change will drive users to another forum? All of the Twizy information is still here, and if anything it’s better organised and easier to find. The same members are here having the same discussions.

I do get where Bassflex is coming from with the name, but it’s still very early days. Please don’t forget, I’m a one man band who has a full time job. I run this website in my spare time and I have to continue to try and improve the site in my spare time. Some people mentioned that the site was becoming quite slow. I got it sorted and moved the site to a new server within two days. I do this for the members here who find this site useful, and my only intention is to make this site as useful as it can be to as many people as possible.

However, if the majority of you feel quite strongly about keeping the site exclusively for the Twizy, then it is something I will think about and I can maybe look at other ways of evolving the site without introducing different cars. As always, if anybody has any suggestions, please post them and let me know.

James James James, I am not knocking the site. This is the first forum I have actually joined.

keep it the way it’s going. Like you said the more merrier.

James is doing exactly the right thing; if this was just kept as a Twizy site, there is a chance another ZE or EV site would get more traffic and be more involving and this site would become an under-used niche as owners want to join a wider discussion or busier group. I have seen this happen on other forums.

As it is now, it will bring in a wider audience and there will be more conversation between owners of different EVs in the discussion areas, whilst keeping the core Twizy areas like technical help which are only relevant to Twizy. Its the best of both worlds.

Running a site like this takes a great deal of time and personal involvement and it is impossible to please everyone, all of the time; plus remember it is free to use.

I am on various forums and the latest changes brings this one up with the very best; bringing in more users to add to discussion is a great step.
For a new vechicle, with owners in the UK only into the hundreds, the site is already busy and has great content; perhaps it has one of the highest percentages of owners to forum users in the UK?

Well done James, keep it up.

Im still researching the twizy in order to buy one. I still have my g-wiz and I’m a member of the g-wiz forum but I subscribed to this one to learn more about the twizy and have learnt a whole lot more than what renault websites or dealers have told me. I personally think its important to keep its identity.

I wish you well… EVchat and [URL=“”]EVTalk didn’t survive the transition to ‘generic’ forums but maybe being restricted to renault EV’s will work :slight_smile: