Found out the maximum range in the cold weather ... the hard way :)

So first week of Twizy ownership, purposely not charged the battery since the full charge to see for myself how many miles you can get from the battery in the winter. Turns out its about 34 miles :slight_smile:

Came to a dead stop about 80 meters from my house, so pushed it the rest of the way home (the hill was fun), but all in the name of science :slight_smile:


I haven’t been that unlucky yet but I’ve been experimenting too as I’ve only had my twizy a few weeks.

My estimated range always floats between 30-40 miles, this is with mixed driving and a powerbox, I never really do an eco drive, I’m sure it would be more if you used the 30/50 rule (30miles at 50mph or 50miles at 30mph)

The 30 /50 rule seems to make sense.
As most of the roads I have been travelling on I have been doing high 40’s - 50, which of course is going to consume more battery.

Interested to see how it changes in the warmer months.

Dale. Really impressed. If I’m not home with more than 10 miles left, I start to panic !!!
Took Meg out yesterday. Interesting in the cold…

Like with any car, I like to understand the limits, so I know where I can and can’t go with it.

The installations so far, of the “Twizy pieces” app. The app is aimed for the drivers of the Twizy car. Helping them to quickly calculate battery capacity in order to make the upcoming trip. This is an Android version.