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Free charging points in Scotland announced

[FONT=Arial]Charging points for electric cars are to be installed throughout the Scottish road network, as part of a government scheme to cut vehicle emissions.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Householders will also be given the chance to install free home charging points, with the help of 100% funding.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The plans mean the drivers of electric vehicles will never be more than 50 miles from a charging point when on Scotland’s trunk roads.

Just 10 miles too far apart for the average Twizy then ! [/FONT]

Very true and they are bound to have the wrong sockets!

They are required to have Type 2 as per UK/EU policy.

So they will have the wrong sockets for the Twizy.

An adaptor cable is required. Yet another accessory to carry that will be required at additional expense for occasional use.

Perhaps the adaptor should be fixed to the charge point as don’t all EV’s come with a home/slow 13 amp charge cable?

Sorry about that but much as I might like I don’t control the standards committees, Renault, or the Government :smile:

All new EV’s will ship without 13A cables and for some it’s already an optional extra that you must purchase (Renault Kangoo Van for example).

The sad fact is that we are all early adopters and we must expect to get left behind as the technology improves and goes mass market. The migration to Type 2 is unstoppable and you can no longer obtain any government financial support for 13A installations.

I’m sure Renault must be wise to this and no doubt we’ll start seeing Twizys with the new adaptor some time soon? Or at least an adaptor?

Apart from the connectors an adapter requires one resistor and one diode so it’s only a matter of time… Nikki has built one :slight_smile:

So if I wanted to drive the length of the uk I would be stuffed.

You can still do it but not in a Twizy. Or you could have a very very long extension lead.
It’s not as simple as the wrong conectors for a Twizy, there are still some points and others that could be explored on the same principle as Zero carbon world.
ie. If stopping for a drink or a meal ask if you can have a charge.

Then there al of us, you could plan a route between us and not require to use these points.
I’ll start you off in the middle of the country:
South Yorkshire to South Derbyshire.
Meadow Hall Sheffield (Because the Renault ZE points are not Twizy friendly)

You don’t need that many but a quick top up is easier than a long wait.
Now out of Derbyshire. on to ?

As always, it depends on the EV… you can do it today in a Tesla as we did when we drove End To End in May 2011. Other EV’s with a shorter range are more challenging but it’s just a matter of how long you’re prepared to spend on the trip :slight_smile:

You would, and unless you are very young, you’d also be rattled near to death. In this respect, I have always thought the Twizy to be quite well-designed. It goes about as far as my skeleton can stand, about as fast as my nerves can stand, and re-charges relatively quickly from the kind of journeys you’d want to do in it. As soon as you can do 150 miles in a Twizy, you will need to be able to go at motorway speeds, in heated and air-conditioned comfort, or you would (or perhaps I should say I would ) find it quite stressful and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to drive to Scotland in a Twizy, except perhaps for a bet*! :slight_smile:

  • though having said that, I’d be very happy if Mr Branson put a Twizy coach on the back of his trains.

I was thinking of doing it as a charity event. But also as a record. Ok it sounds like an electric car has done it, but I could go down the electric quadracycle.

Would look even better as a convoy.

[quote=“Bassflex;3734”]I was thinking of doing it as a charity event. But also as a record. Ok it sounds like an electric car has done it, but I could go down the electric quadracycle.

Would look even better as a convoy.[/quote]

I would love to have a crack at this.

We’d have to figure out a route that avoided motorways as much as possible but I’m sure it’s doable.

We could get the press involved and try and get some funding and support from Renault themselves. This is exactly the sort of thing that Renault need to do to drum up interest in the Twizy.

I would also add (with my Zero Carbon World hat on) that we (ZCW) are planning an event this year which will involve some driving, and a large part of the UK. If you want, you’re more than welcome to help us with that instead of doing it all on your own! :slight_smile:

Yes, I had been thinking the same thing…some form of Lands End to John O Groats charity challenge or similar. Happy to be a link in the Scottish End of the chain but we need a lot more Twizy’s up here on our challenging and spartan Highland sections, or willing householders to give us a plug point and three and half hours hospitality ( perhaps that could be part of the challenge… )?!

Hi, not been on here for a while. So had not seen all the keenness you lot have shown for this idea.

I had 2 trains of thought.

  1. One or more Twizys with a support van which would hold tyres, and a petrol generator in case of emergancies.

  2. Approach renault with idea, see what they could help with. Get all interrested to get as much sponsership for their own charities. Brand your car with all the sponsership you get. Then organise a car transporter to pick everyone up and take them North. Then start our trip, and the aim is to not breakdown, so we will make a big thing of stopping at charge points or people hospitallity. To support this we would have a website logging the whole trip, so photos of sights, and even families and farmers that let us charge. Of course leaving them about £1 per car charged. Have a twitter account for each person so that the word can spread.

Like I said its just been an idea, not sure if I am thinking too much.

IMO that’s a really bad idea… just reinforces the myth that EV’s can’t stand on their own without petrol/diesel ‘support’.

Please also remember that the cycling record is ~44 hours](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land’s_End_to_John_o’_Groats#Cycling)… what message does it send out if you take longer than that?

Do we do this as a relay with each person and thier Twizy doing a section or one person doing the lot, or a group ?
I have a trailer, and willing to use my motorhome for support, drinks,food,sleeping etc.

It wil be a record as a small EV or Twizy has never done it.
To avoid the genny we could swap the car off the trailer. Using Nikki’s type adaptor we could use a number of the ZCW points and Renault ZE garages.

A BVS member did it several years ago in a small EV… I don’t have the details but will find out exactly what he used. They took 7 days I believe.

Well I think of some other ideas, and I’ll let Kevin shoot them down.