Free electric vehicle charging point for home - British Gas

I have signed up for this scheme
Apparently British Gas are offering free home charging points for anyone in the uk?
Regardless of whether they are a BG customer?

It also doesn’t seem to be vehicle specific / require an EV to qualify:

What do I need to qualify for the Free Electric Vehicle Charging package?

                      To qualify for this offer you will need to have:

*]Off-street parking;
*]Suitability of the proposed site for the installation services, the electrician will advise on this
*]A suitable O2 data network connection, which will be tested by the British Gas electrician. This is to enable the charging point to meet criteria stipulated by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). If this is not possible you will be offered a non-data-enabled charging point and advised of any cost involved as these are not covered by the government’s subsidised funding scheme
*]Permission from the homeowner or landlord if you don’t own the property

Useful information and very unfair for those that don’t live in an O2 area. They should make it any network!
I get good to perfect coverage for other networks, but O2 only works up stairs. This is good as work can not ring while I’m watching TV :slight_smile:

There is a wide choice of ‘free’ EV installers (6 that I recall). Scotland as only 1, and the Energy Saving Trust who administer the scheme here insist on using SSE and Rolec EV Chargepoints. I have to say, BG would be the last firm on my list to do any work! Especially as they are only installing 16a sockets - mine is 32a!

My system reports back using Vodafone GPRS, and Scottish-based users MUST exhibit an EV V5 in order to be accepted.