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Free (ish) energy

How big a wind turbine, or solar panel would you need to recharge a Twizy in say 8 hours, would be interesting to work out how viable it was as a project to get free driving.

I have 5 solar panels on my house roof, & have new Twizy arriving early September.
I think that on a sunny day the panels should be providing all the power to recharge.
I’ll provide further details when I start to use & charge the Twizy.

Intesting question.

First the current charging system needs 10amps or 2200watts
Now a std 4kw solar installation on a sunny day will produce well over 2200 watts for the required 3.5 hours. How often we get 3.5 hours of sun at the right time is harder to guess.

So if a slower longer charge was possible then you can base it on the the total amp hours. I would like this option.

The alternative is to store the power else where and then charge the battery, this is harder to do and not practicle. Best bet would be if your Electric meter ran backwards! Then you could take back what you generated whenyou need it. Some people who have the older spiining dic electric meters do this until thier meters are changed to the newer smart meters than don not run backwards.

I charge my Twizy by Solar when I can , Today was sunny and then showers 90% of the charge was effectively free.

I could fit Solar to my garage at home, but the cost would probably take years to recoup.

Do not forget the FIT (feed in tariff) where you get some money for any elecectricity generated use or not. This is for 25 years so ROI is about10 years.

If electriciy goes up then this is less. Still worth considering fo the green aspects.

I bought a Twizy because I have solar panels… Osbrook is right about the FIT. I think it currently stands at 19p per every unit you generate… So if you charege your Twizy, you get 19p per unit for generating the power, and get a free charge for the car. Any electricity you dont use, you get paid 3.2p per unit cash paid quarterly. We have had panels since April and have had our dual fuel bill cut by £50!

My Abarth 500 used £88 per month, so with the £45 battery lease, I am saving that, plus tax, plus free serving (4+), and the Solar panels for free charging, I recon I will save £1500 per year - worth a bit of open air motoring any day.


We installed a 7kWp system on our ex-council semi for ~£15K and it’s generating ~2000 miles per month on average…

So Kevin these were not fitted with FIT in mind. It certainly gives a new way of looking at it.
My 4KW system on a yearly average would not managed 2000 Twizy miles a month. Good job I don’t do that many miles in it each month. :smiley:

Thanks for showing us a new way to consider the running costs.

We have a 4kWp solar PV system and it generated about 3300 kWh last year. Since we average 128Wh per mile so far (might not be as good in the winter) we are technically producing enough power for about 2200 miles a month on average. Needless to say, we don’t do anything like that mileage either (and if we did, it wouldn’t be in a Twizy!).