Free Service & MOT

I thought I’d give you all the full saga.

Dropped off Twizy as arranged at John Clark Renault in Aberdeen on Wednesday morning for service and MOT. Told it would be 2 -3 hours as it would get a brake fluid change at the the service which can take a bit of time. They were all pretty excited as it was the first Twizy to get serviced at that branch, ( it’s less than 12 months old).

3 Hrs later phone goes, Twizy has failed the MOT as the front brakes are binding and the Hazard switch is no longer working.

Ok how much to repair?

Brakes - £396.00 inc VAT as they need stripped, cleaned and new discs fitted. Also I might have to pay £145 for the hazard switch, if it’s not a warranty fault.

Explained to the garage that the switch is a known fault that happens all the time, basically because it’s not waterproof, and it gets damp in Scotland quite a lot, so it will corrode. They backed down on that bit, so I agreed to get the front discs changed.

Ok Mr wilson it’ll be ready on Friday as we have to order the parts . All good I say.

Today they phone to tell me that they need new wheel bearings too,as they didn’t come with and it will cost a further £132.00 for them, and I’ll need to wait until Tuesday/Wed to get my Twizy back.(I hope)

So my “free” service & MOT is now costing £584.00, pretty poor on a vehicle that’s only 4 yrs old.

I think I’ll take it elsewhere next year for the MOT…

Not great, but expensive servicing and parts has always been one of the downfalls of owning a Twizy. It’s like they only designed them for very light use.

I’d say 7900 miles in 4 years is light use. I’ve had big scooters double that age and mileage that didn’t even need new pads. Poor design from Renault is the issue.

Main dealers suck. I hate using them. I prefer to have someone I know and trust working on my cars!


Are there such things as non-main dealer specialists for the ZE Renault cars as yet do we know? Particularly interested in London and South-East UK options following a very unproductive visit to an SMC dealership earlier this summer. Thanks.

There are a few, but I don’t know of any ‘down south’. We have one on the group @Lightly however he is based much more centrally (Ilkeston, Derbyshire).

Unless @grumpy-b can help you.
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I’m still waiting on getting mine back after a week, parts have not arrived yet…

Excellent, thanks!

How did you get on with the brakes etc eventually John?

Going great again thanks:-)
Put in a couple of heated seat covers to ward off the winter chills.

Do they use a lot of power, and do they give you a sweaty ass crack? Hehe

Hahaha, no my bum is just nice n toasty!
They are only 36 watts, so not too much for the 12v system