Free Service?

I thought all new twizy sold, came with 4 years free servicing. - that was stated in all reviews and reports I read at the time I purchased my one.

Now due first service, and dealer says I have to pay.

Does anyone know when this changed, and how can you tell if you have free servicing or not ?

Certainly the early ones came with 4 years free servicing, under the 4+ scheme, but the later ones didn’t come with it. When that happened I can’t confirm, but I would guess around 2015. Maybe someone else can help.
Please let us know how much they want to charge.

Mine is feb 2015 and comes with 4 years servicing so after then I would think

I didn’t realise this wasn’t still a ‘thing’ that newer cars got, when I got mine at the end of Nov '15 and was looking at new it was still available then.

Can you check the website etc for details and contact Renault UK directly to ask about this?

What are they quoting for the service?

Thanks for replies. My Twizy was bought new in September 2015

Having now spoken to Renault Customers relations, I have been informed that my car did not have "plus 4 " or free annual service.

The dealer I purchased the car from is 110 miles from where I stay. I have not enquired at my local dealer how much he would charge for the first service.

What do they actually do at the first service ? My mileage is so low , I doubt if much is requiring done ?

They don’t have much to do, so my dealer told me.
They will check your brakes and the uninformed dealer will say you need new discs and pads, even though you have only done minimal miles. Why I say that is some dealers just don’t seem to realize that the Twizy comes with very thin discs and pads compared to a normal car. One look at them and they will say you need new ones. Don’t let them do it. If they insist it is necessary, get it done under warranty.

This page would seem to imply that the Twizy is indeed included in the 4+ package.

Did you buy it brand new from a Renault approved dealership? If so, I would question why your Twizy does not come with 4+ warranty.

Unless you signed anything that explicitly stated that your Twizy DOES NOT come with the 4+ package, there must be a mistake here.

Don’t pay for the service before really checking into this!

Hi James

Yes. Bought brand new from Renault dealer. but there certainly does seem to be confusion about this.

The dealer I bought the car from was very adamant that my Twizy does not have four plus cover, so I must pay for all services.

I did contact Renault Customer relations head office ? he also said the same.

I presume at the time of purchase it was an additional option to be paid for.

But your link certainly implies that all new cars are included - but it doesn’t specifically state that the services are free and part of this

I guess Im just unlucky, and should have got this in writing before buying.

not sure who else I can contact about this ?

This is it. They’ve dropped the servicing part from the 4+ package, it just wasn’t obvious at first before you pointed it out. That page only mentions warranty and assistance.

I’m pretty confident servicing was explicitly included when I bought in 2012. But it would seem they’ve changed this in January last year.

If I do not have the 4+ package, I wonder what warranty I do have with this Twizy ?

No they’ve confused you.

You should definitely have the 4+ package. But the 4+ package doesn’t include free servicing anymore.

Get them to double check but I suspect that to be the case.

There’s no way they could sell you a brand new car with no warranty.

The “new” 4+ scheme still includes warranty and roadside cover for 4 years. The only thing that’s gone is the free servicing.

Don’t you just love how Renault look after their customers? Why change it? Are they lacking in confidence in their product less now than they did 4 years ago? Possibly…

Maybe it’s Renault giving the dealers a chance to make some money on the servicing. Bet you they get peanuts from Renault when it was free to us customers. Another “scheme” to rip off the customers.:rage:

Good point. It all depends on what they will charge of course. I picked up my new toy a couple of weeks ago so the Twiz is sitting in the garage looking lonely

Another new toy !! What is it this time?
Don’t ignore the Twizy or it will play you up :grinning:

I am sure you are right on that one!

I thought I had told you I had sold my Mk3.5 MX-5 and replaced it with one of these:

Bought it new and finally collected it two weeks ago from Edinburgh on my birthday. Very nice but needs some miles on it to loosen it up (plus a trip to BBT GTi Engineering!)

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Beautiful !! I think the Ceramic paint is gorgeous.
One thing that struck me though, why does Mazda still stick with that very out of date antenna.

I have no idea! Adds to the “retro” part of the design?

The paint is indeed Ceramic White. Looks great in bright sunlight boring in anything other which is a pity.

I do have a faulty SatNav and the DAB is rubbish too. Other than that, very happy.