From south of England to the north of Scotland on one charge! Development in progress

While I was searching the net for Twizy windows alternatives, I came over this video about a English firm trying to develop a battery that can take the Twizy x-country on one charge!

Maybe it is of interest for you guys to follow the progress.

Here is the battery “Power blade” as they call them.

I have posted some more info in

Yes I saw some other posts on the item after I posted mine. But I cant find a delete function on my posts so I am stuck with a copy.
Sorry for that.

No problem, have posted some additional info in the original thread :grinning:

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Just a wee note here. The heading of the thread says from the south to the north of England…John o’ groats is the north of SCOTLAND. Scotland isn’t part of England.

You would think that they would go from John O Groats to Lands End because it’s downhill :smiley:


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Corrected :slight_smile:

My appologies, I am Norwegian and my local knowledge of brittain is not going that far, or I did not bother checking it up since I exspected people to get my point :slight_smile: