Front Brake Pads Needed


Does anyone know where I can get hold of a set of front brake pads, it seems like eBay and everywhere else is out of stock (I rather not go to Renault!) :disappointed_relieved:


Ask @Lightly he can get them and ship them to you or fit them.

Agreed. Very good service and competitive prices from @Lightly.

There is a list on this site that I listed all the brake pad manufacturers and part numbers.
Any good motor parts place should be able to order you a set.
Usually they can get them same day


I have front & rears in stock now for immediate delivery

How much are those please? Although my car has only covered 3000 miles, I am alarmed at the state of the discs and pads. I aim to fit my newly acquired S/S pistons from Alex, but fear I need pads as well to make the job complete. How much for a full set of Fronts and Rears please?

Many Thanks.

I would check and see if you really need pads and discs before changing them. They are not like in normal cars and even when new they are very thin looking as if they are worn by normal standard.

Currently, the pads are £30 for front or rear, but I can deliver both sets for £57.