Front brake pads

Just a note to say I’ve bought and fitted some eBay front brake pads for the twizy
Made by Borg and beck for £17.50 buy 2 and get £5 off.bargain!!!


Wow, that’s a good price. Did you fit it yourself? If so, any problems?

Yes fitted myself
I’ve put a how to video on YouTube

What I’ve noticed is that the caliper piston is prone to seizing causing the wheels to bind.
The best thing to do is remove the old pads and pump brake pedal until piston comes completely out.clamp rubber brake hose with proper hose pliers to stop fluid from draining the reservoir empty then remove the caliper from the rubber hose by unscrewing.get caliper onto the bench and clean the piston of corrosion .then look inside the caliper you will see 2 seals.the outermost seal can be prised out with a small screwdriver.once out there will be crap in the groove.clean out by scraping.and then reinstall.this is the main cause of a sticking piston in my opinion .i missed this part from my video

Hey @Subevo

     Could you add a link to your youtube video? and if possible a link from ebay?  I want/need to change my brakes very very soon

Thanks! :smile:

Here’s a link

eBay link