Front discs and wheel bearings

So I have just bought a set of Borg & Beck front brake discs and a new set of wheel bearings. To my surprise, the wheel bearings just slide in and if you turn the disc upside down the wheel bearing just slides out. No need to use a pres.

The bearing stays in place with the retaining ring, but it will slide a little back and forth, about 1mm I think.

I’ve never done brakes on the Twizy before, but from what I know of wheel bearings this seams wrong.

The specs for the brake disc says that is has a Centering Diameter of 52.0 mm, and the wheel bearing specs says Outer diameter of 52 mm, so they should be a snug fit, right?

There does not seem to be any play between the disc and wheel bearing, its just not a firm fit.

Maybe they tighten as you torque them up, my old 911 was like that and needed to bed in then tighten again.

That was what I thought, but i have tighten them to 175nm as spec says, but you can still feel 1-2mm play when pulling/pushing the disc in and out. I need to take it to MOT, that is way I changed the brakes, but I’m not sure what they are going to say about the play.

Got a new set of wheel bearings - same issue …

Nobody who have changed their own front brake discs on their Twizy? Are they supposed to be like this?

I bought the same discs (Borg & Beck) and have same problem with to large play when fitting the bearings. (How) did you solve it? Is it a problem? :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan, yes I saw your post with the old broken disc on the Swedish Twizy facebook forum (that was you right?) and also saw that you had bought the Borg & Beck discs. I didn’t comment as I also saw that you had bought their own wheel bearings and hoped that they would fit.

Apparently they didn’t :frowning:

I just wrote the seller and got my money back and bought a set of original discs for something like €90-100. First I thought that it was the wrong bearings, so I bought three different sets of bearings and at that point I did not want to wait anymore and just bought the originals. Straight forward job from there. All you need is someway to press the bearings in.

The Borg & Beck discs are clearly a bad copy done by someone who has no idea what they are doing. The bottom half of inner diameter on the original discs are just 1mm smaller than the top-half, and Borg & Beck discs are the same diameter all the way

Good luck

Yep it was (is) me! :blush:

I have initiated a return with the seller as well…

Where did you find/buy original discs?

Bought them in Germany and I had them within two days, very smooth

Thanks! Unfortunately they don’t seem to deliver to Sweden…