Front Flap Repair

Some owners have had there ‘boot’ or charging flap snap off as it is not the strongest of bits of plastic.

@Christian has produced this video of how to fix it should it happen to you. - Thanks

Or see Life in a twizy - Front flap repair service

Thank You. Most useful.
That man @Christian is a genius!!

Thanks to all !
I have little concern with my vocabulary (as usual) : I used the words “load hatch” but you say “charging flap”… Am I completely wrong or is it acceptable ?

Considering how useful your work is we will let you off. :smile:

However for your own benefit ‘Load hatch’ is not right. I suppose it comes from what happens to a battery. We Charge a battery (up) rather than load a battery with electricity. Hope that makes sense.

So “charging hatch” is OK ?

Nice, I was driving around with duck tape holding it down for about 6 months :smile:

Happily renault replaced it under warranty when it went in for the next service.

That’s fine. I called it a flap as that is what it does to brake off! It Flaps about. :smile:

Hey folks,

Thanks for all the good advice. I have done my version of the repair on this front charging cover/ lid thing as well.

Already have this covered on my evmeerkat blog -

  • some copy & paste here for your convenience.

Here is my DIY repair process:

  • Remove the whole cover(well, the remaining base really), held down by 4 torx screws.

  • You will see the thing metal rods holding the plastic remnrants of pivots if you can call them that. Pull the rods out to take out the useless Z-wire.

  • Put the rides back with those plastic “ex-brackets” back on.

  • Note that if you turn the remaining brackets further back, it could sit flush with the cover again.

  • Measure, measure, measure (centre of each bracket, and nail through or drill a guide hole right through each the bracket and then the cover, on both sides.

  • What I realised is that those torx screw(black) would do the ideal job holding this all together well enough (it’s all plastic afterall). Use the short torx screws to keep the lid in place.

  • Find other torx screws to make up the 4 required to attach the whole setup back onto twizy.

  • Have beer and admire your work.

Please find snaps attached below.

Oh yeh, ironically, I already did get this cover replaced under warranty before. But same design, same damage - hence going with a proper fix. This should hold nicely now.

Nice job!
Never had any trouble with my cover.
But now I’ve seen how flimsy the plastic moulding is I am tempted to do Christians fix before it does break.


My flap has snapped off this week, but also the tab that holds it shut, I shall price a new one up & decide wether to repair it or not.

£32 for a brand new one, didn’t think that was bad

That’s not too bad.
Since a few of you have the broken flap, can you give me some idea how it happened, so hopefully I don’t make the same mistake.

Mainly if you open the flap too hardly. In my video, I did it in “slow motion”

Thanks. Working on any new project for the Twizy?

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I would think that not storing the cable fully away could be an issue and using the lid to push it down.
It is a very weak hinge & we have always been careful with it, however I lent the car to a customer & it broke :-1:


Yes ! Look at this !
An external handle !

Ha, Christian. Don’t know when you did this external handle but I did mine in 2014 :slight_smile:
Very similar idea, but yours is more sophisticated. But since then I don’t use the windows at all.

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Went to put the Twizy on charge tonight and the Flap fell off!
I’ve always been careful with the flap because it didn’t feel strong but it still broke :frowning:
Like others have found the design is very poor.
Need to find some suitable screws to do the repair or it will have to be Duct Tape…


Done the above repair on the video and it worked a treat! :smiley:
Managed to find 2 x M5 x 25 screws kicking around the house.
Will get some black ones ordered off of EBay to finish the job but it will do for the time being :slight_smile: