Front Lockable Flap?

Has anyone fitted a Small Lock to the Front Flap to stop meddling hands?
Just asking before I get my Twizy (Going to view one on Saturday! :smiley: )
When I looked around a Twizy at the Renault Dealer I was certain a Lock could be fitted centrally to the Flap just below the Logo.
I will be fitting one to my Twizy but just wondered if anyone had already done it to save me the hassle of sourcing a correct lock to fit.


I have yet to see anyone touch the flap. People seem to not take much notice of it and may not understand whats under it or that it even moves at all.
Most people just want to look in to the cabin area.

I wouldn’t bother; I’d be surprised if they went for that before the interior.

There’s a lot of talk about locking windows etc, but don’t forget the thing is plastic and plastic will break, lock or not; applies to glove box locks, flap locks, window locks etc

Most of it is false peace of mind or a very basic deterrent at best ;)…saying that, though-I don’t leave mine on a city street :expressionless:

As said and probably deleted before, even a chained down, alarmed Twizy can be quickly and cheaply had away with the right knowledge, which I won’t go into again…

I appreciate what you are saying, but I just wanted to keep the nosy Parkers out!
If they wanted to get in a flimsy bit of plastic wont stop them!
Some guy last week was questioning the security on the Twizy when fitted with Lockable plastic windows.
He said anyone could get in if they wanted to…
He seemed to think that his ‘Proper’ car was really secure because it had Glass Windows…
Until I pointed out a brick would soon get around that! :lol:


Security wise, treat the Twizy as a scooter and you’re about right…its just that it attracts more attention.

Any committed person can get into most things, it is a question of reason to do so, tools/equipment available and risk of being caught.

Have to say I’m with mender on this one. If you want to steal it badly enough the thief will get it. I am always aware of we’re I park and it tends to keep the bad people away and the good people well they will always be nosey and want to take a pog inside the cabin and around it. I have Renault tilt alarm fitted as well as tracker watch fitted. If it,s pinched it texts my phone it’s being tampered with and then alerts tracker and the police. These are still to rare to steal I like to think which in a way is a bonus I guess.

Still going to fit a lock :slight_smile:
At work I park opposite a School and I can vision the Kids pulling the charge lead out ‘just for a Laugh’


I had the same worries when buying mine knowing i was going to leave it on display in high traffic areas as an advert for my website. However touch wood nobody seems to look at the flap or realise it is a flap. I had nightmares the local neds would cut the plug off the end of the cable when I left it, but so far so good. Windows deffo helps tho and I no longer return to find folk inside the Twizy!

Last night my twizys locked compartments were broken into and some things were stolen. On one of the safest streets of Ibiza next to a 5* star hotel…