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Front number plate needed?

As the twizy is a quad am I right in thinking it does not require a front
number plate?

Been covered 20x on here, yes you do need one, search old threads :wink:

However - you don’t require one car sized. A square M/c plate (but white) with 3.5" characters minimum is allowed.

I agree its been covered, but looking at the class of the quad it is, I don’t think it needs a full size plate…

Thanks for the advice, maybe it’s because the twizy is on a smaller scale it makes the standard plate look massive!!

It does - I’ve had to replace the original as the full size is prone to stresses as it sticks out on both sides. I’ve found a good number of suppliers happy to provide a small square front, but I’m trying to get it with the EU stars and Scottish flag, which is a little problematic!

I have been using mine for about 8 months without one, no probs yet :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to do this also - however the standard fine for non compliance for a plate issue went up from £30 to £50 (no points). If you plan to go this route, it is often best to have it available and state it fell off and you haven’t the tools to refix it until you get back to base. That will remove much of the risk (if a challenge ever takes place).

The fact the lack of a front plate plays havoc with private parking ANPR systems is simply a bonus.

I had to replace my front lower panel, so did not want to put self tapping screw holes in the new one.
Thats the other reason for leaving it off, I guess it depends on where you live, around here & for the journey I mostly take to work & back, no one gives a stuff I guess.

I suppose not - perhaps it might be an issue at the MoT station, but got conflicting advice from them too! Actually, I was passing a vehicle stop (Police/VOSA) in Glasgow today. I wasn’t flagged in, but I imagine that would be the acid test. Until then, a couple of double suction pads seems a better solution!