Front screen heater

Does anybody know the settings for when the front screen heater starts? Driving in 5 C weather the front screen heater turns on and off by it self. And there is no need for it to turn on.

Mine does that occasionally. It’s got nothing to do with settings. It’s all got to do with a faulty switch. The swiches in the Twizy are very temperamental, probably because they are exposed to the elements sometimes.

ok, which switch? I’d like to change it if it’s faulty, no reason wasting energy on the windscreen

Okay its operated by the twisting of the end of right stalk. But the switch is behind the steering wheel. So it needs to be removed and the air bag disconnected.
Try pulling or pushing the switch if it comes on in the off position. Real pain some days. Mine is worse when wipers are on.

Thanks, will try that the next time

I have the same problem and it’s done it for years. I just fiddle with the control & it goes off. It’s because Renault used part-bin switches that should only be used inside a normal car that’s enclosed rather than proper weather proofed variety.

Yep, I had the same problem. After some encouraging words from this forum I gently removed the steering wheel, got the switch assembly out, opened it and cleaned all the contacts with Scotchbrite and WD40.
Now the heater works like a charm, which makes driving in cold and damp conditions a LOT safer…