Front seat removal

I have discovered rust under the tracks for the front seat and would therefore like to remove it in order to fix the rust more easily. Has anyone tried taking out the front seat? I can unscrew the two rear bolts holding the tracks In place but the front bolts are hidden under the seat. Thanks

The front seat cushion is like the rear one - It pops off but with the same risks of the clicks breaking. The dealer did mine when they replaced the seat but not the pads.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Mads, did you take some pictures during the disassembly? I would like to replace my front seat with a recaro aftermarket seat instead. I’m interested in what kind of mounts would be needed. //Mats

Hi Mats,

I tried removing it, but I was too afraid to break the clips as mentioned by osbrook and ended up just leaving it.

If you are planning to replace the seat and don’t plan on selling the old one, I would say just go ahead and rip off the part of the seat that you actually sit on. Then you should be able to access the two front screws that hold the seat to the chassis. The two rear screws are accessible if you move the seat all the way to the forward position.


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Ok, thanks for replying.

Wee suggestion. But a tin of acf50. Spray it on the runners. It will neutralise the rust that’s there, and will inhibit any more forming. It will also lubricate the runners. Hope this helps.