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Frozen Twizy

Just wondering how everyone got on this morning?

Was the first sub zero day in the Twizy for me. Have to say it wasn’t that bad, but I was wearing skiing gloves, a thick jumper and a thick coat.

Is anyone going to get any winter tyres for their Twizy?

-3.3 today here, but dry. I did swap to my Motorbike coat though.

For those interested Lidl are selling Snow chains!

It looks like there are winter tyres in sizes to fit, but we use winter wheels and tyres sets on all our vehicles and they do create much more resistance-which would affect the range.
If it is that cold, the Twizy is not the right vehicle to use-you are in danger of someone else losing control and taking you out 8-|

Snow chains would not fit the Twizy unless you remove the mudguards which would be illegal-there is not enough clearance…

Had my cover on, this was frozen… My problem was evening condensation on the inside - seems to take an age to demist without an engine blower!

Went on my bike, its warmer :wink: