Fun weekend with Mr. Twiz

Had a weekend shopping in Bristol and Bath, so took the Twizy (initially on trailer as not a chance to get there from home, unless I took an extra few days). We used the Twizy to get around from the hotel, great for parking, think I need to get a lead to use some of the charging points, Bristol was pretty good and has plenty of places, albeit not many for the 3 pin, Bath wasn’t that good at my first glance, albeit we had decided to stop for some food on the way back, so had that planned in advance to use their socket, so wasn’t a major concern.
Did a bit of battery learning and how not to go everywhere with a flat foot, so the range seems to be getting better each time. To be fair it didn’t embarrass itself en route and we even stopped at a breakfast meet this Morning with some fellow car enthusiasts, Mr. Plod showed a little interest it seemed, not sure if just curious or what, but he checked it out on his radio!
Now shopping and a Twizy, there was a method in my madness, www had to be conservative in what we purchased, but I can confirm, shoes, bags and even some Christmas tat can all be fitted in when the doors are shut…