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Future twizzy owner!

Hi everyone!

I’m Carlos from Portugal! I’m just a signature away from buying a twizy technic!

The deal breaker for me is that I don’t have a garage and I’d have to charge in mobiE (project name for the charging points in portugal) exterior charging points and they’re all mennekkes (at least the ones near my place and my work) and I can’t find any Schucco to mennekes converter.

Any thoughts or news? Renault portugal told me there isn’t any development for a cable in the near future. It also told me they’ll be launching window covers within a few months!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

Welcome along Carlos, hope you get sorted with a plug convertor, here in the uk you,can get anything built if required, can you not get someone to make you and adapter lead to charge your Twizy?
You will see we have our own Twizy windows on the forum, I wwould think they are more useful here in the uk than in sunny Portugal.
My own Twizy Technic stays outside all,the time here ,without windows, but I may use the garage in the winter.

Calos Welcome. I hope you can get sorted out. Aminorjoury on here was trying to get a converter cable made up. I haven’t heard if she got any where.

Thanks for the up date on Renault windows. Like Lightly says these will be useful here in the UK.

Hi Carlos. My Twizy has windows on it 70% of the time due to the Scottish weather, should you need any I sell them at www.twizywindows.co.uk excuse the shameless promotion! >:) and I hope you enjoy your new Twizy when it arrives…should be perfect for Portuguese roads. Regards Andy

Thank you for the warm welcome guys! Still searching for a solution…

Here in Portugal it rains a bit in the winter, my major concern is for the passenger (my girlfriend) when it rains.

Lightly, do people open your doors (as they don’t lock) when you leave your tweazy on the street?

No problems with people opening the doors, must say though that the rain is a problem for passengers, as is the cold air.
My sons complain about being in the back of the car now it has dropped to about 10 degrees in the early morning.

Bom Dia Carlos

I have no garage quite often charge with extension lead through window

Hi Helen,

I live on the 4th floor. How do you manage your extension? You leave it unattended?


Just on this. When I was going through ordering mine this weekend, I asked about the windows. And they confirmed something is coming, but they believe they will not be hard perspecs but the PVC type you can roll up and stick on with valcro.

Well theres a change of heart! Be interesting to see what they come up with.