Gear Box Oil Change on a Cargo

Has anyone every done a gear box oil change on a Cargo? The rear seat is replaced with a van floor & bulkhead, so you cannot get to the hole that you normally find below the rear seat for refilling. Any advice would be most appreciated.


@RMBScotland: Yes, on the Cargo I changed the oil. It is a bit more fuzz, but everything ended up fine.

No you can’t use a top entrance like on the standard Twizy, everything has to be done from the side. As gravity is not your friend now, you have to press the oil in one way or another. I used a small pump on a drill to do the job.

Put the new oilcanister in a hot spot to make the new oil more fluid.

Drive your Twizy like you have no time left. (like always but now to warm the old oil)

Remove the heavy steel plate under the gearbox of the Twizy ( four bolts #13) and recall @ALEXAKOS is fabricating a lighter one.

Also remove the black back panel. Two bolts #10 on the underside, two big torx on the side above the reflector, two smaller torx under the reflector. Remove the two connectors for the illumination of the licence plate by pressing the tab on its edge (sometimes it goes easy, sometimes you curse Renault because of the short wiring)

Find the drain plug (underside, right side of gearbox), remove, keep an eye on the ring (!) and drain the oil

Clean and reinstall the magnetic drain plug with the ring.

Remove the white plastic filler cap next to the breather on the right side. Place one hose of the pump in the container, and the other in the filler hole. A max 16 mm hose will fit. (my black extension)

Use the drill to pump the oil in. If done right, no oil will be spilled.

There is a discussion how much oil. Some say 800 ml will do, I did the whole liter as an official Renault paper mentioned. Some oil/foam? came out later through the breather, at least I smelled the characteristic odour, but never saw a drop in my garage.

Replace the filler cap, reconnect the wiring, place the back panel, place the bottom plate and drive.

You certainly will experience less noise now.

I hope my walkthrough did help :slight_smile:


@shthpnz I eventually got around to doing the oil change using the technique and equipment you described. It all went very smoothly. I just needed a little help from my young son to hold the oil can when adding the oil.

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I changed my gearbox oil today but slightly unsure on the quantity.

The workshop manual I have states the gearbox oil capacity as 1.05 litres but says it should be filled until the oil reaches the filler level.

I drained 0.95 litres from the gearbox and put in an entire 1 litre bottle.

When I poke my finger into the filler (awkward to get to) I cant reach the oil.

I’m considering whether I should buy another 1 litre bottle to top up further.

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@peter-ss Stop at one liter.

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Thank you.

I hoped that would be the answer.