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Gearbox oil change done

Finally got around to changing the gearbox oil on my Twizy
It took just over an hour to do and the video on YouTube was spot-on with the procedure
A few things to watch out for…
When taking the drain plug out the flow of Oil shoots out horizontally so you need to be ready for it!
The Filler Plug is a little difficult to reach and you need to fill it from inside the Twizy, so the rear seat needs to be removed by drilling out the rivet.
I had already removed the rivet when I fitted my Radio last year.
I bought a Oil Pump from Halfords made by Laser but it was hard work because the pump stroke was very small and it took a couple of hundred pumps to get the litre of oil in.
I think the best option would be the largest plastic pipe that fits in the gearbox Filler connected to a large funnel.
The floor plate can be fitted the wrong way round, don’t ask me how I know…
I took the Twizy for a 20 mile run to get the gearbox nice and warm so the oil flowed out easy.

This is the oil that came out compared to new oil
The drain plug is magnetic but thankfully there was hardly any swarf on the magnet.
My Twizy had 13015 miles on the clock when I did the oil change.
The old oil was really thin like water and I would not be surprised if it was just ordinary 10/40w instead of a gear oil.
I refilled it with one litre of 80w90 GL5 as recommended.
Will change it every year at least from now on
The car seemed much quieter when I took it for a test drive


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The Twizy uses oil? The more you know…

I thiught EV’s didn’t use oil, as referenced by so many media websites.

Then again, they probably said, EV’s require no oil changes, rather than saying they don’t use oil at all. Subtle detail.

Since you changed oil, how often do you recommend oil changes?

The Oil is in the rear reduction / Differential gearbox
It takes one litre of Oil of 80w90 GL5, according to sources Renault use a thinner grade oil because its what they use in all there other cars… But Comex recommed 80w90 GL5
Probably why a lot of owners have had problems with Oil Leaks
The gearboxes are made by an Italian Company called Comex and they do not have a very good reputation for reliability.
The only way to keep them reliable is to do regular oil changes.
When I had these gearboxes on a Microcar they had oil changes every 3000 miles
So I would say change it either every year or every 3000 miles, whichever is soonest.


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dont i know about the reliability issue mine is in renault as we speak with gearbox issues and its only done 1000 miles probably no oil in it at all sorts out the oil leaks lol

Andy, thanks for the info, very good to know. I would love to have changed the oil myself but I have nowhere to work on the cars where I live.
Last Friday I took mine to the local garage in SW London where I’d recently had a lot of work on my ICE done. I just rocked up (took a wrong turn and ended up near to them so decided to pop in). They’re a busy but friendly bunch (sort-of reasonable prices) and were excited / uncertain to have the Twizy in. Once they had seen the youtube video posted on this forum they were happy to go ahead and they put in the 80W90 EP oil at my request. They managed to fit it in and were done later that day, which was nice. I asked them to keep the old oil to show me; it was a similar colour to that shown above but worryingly they said there was only half a litre in the gearbox… :worried: My Twizy has also done 13k.
The change did cost £150 :moneybag: which I thought was quite steep for the amount of work but I needed it done urgently. Everywhere else I’ve been to (not Renault!) say they can’t do it or are not interested, I even had one place laugh at me and say “Twizy? oh, that stupid thing”…

Peter, I hope your Twizy is back on the road again soon with minimum fuss and cost. :pray:

Wow, £150 to change the gearbox oil, I’am in the wrong game!
When I did the Oil Change I checked the quantity that came out and there was a full one litre.
Like I said above the oil was very thin compared to the 80w90
I have now driven it for a few good miles and it is definitely a lot quieter and smoother :slight_smile:


£150 is daylight robbery, no wonder they are friendly, we would charge £35 to do it in my workshop .

i was thinking the same myself but it is london

I just changed the gear oil to Mobile1 SCH 75w90.
Total waste of time and money. No difference at all. Same sound.

I think you are missing the point of changing the oil.
The gearboxes are known for being unreliable and the best thing you can do to help is to change the oil.
Renault use the wrong oil which does not help.
My gearbox was much quieter after the oil change but mine had done 13000 miles on the original oil


What Andy said.
Jan, you did the right thing. No waste of time nor of money :grin:

Mine had a new gearbox at 1000 miles it was howling like a banshee quiet now so maybe you have a faulty gearbox?

What grade gear oil is everyone using? I am getting mixed answers on the site.

@Rowan83, see attached from the OVMS Guide.

80/90 API GL5 with EP additives is recommended by the gearbox manufacturer.

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Ok, well mine has only 3000km on the clock, maybe thats why I don’t hear any noise difference.
I guess all of you can hear the gears right?
Mine is far from soundless.

I had mine changed and it cost me £70 including the oil. The biggest difference (bar the fact I can if I want to) use my Twizy on the max setting via the power Box from Kenneth. The other big bonus is that the whine is lower now.

Mine has 20.000 km on the clock, let them change the oil at the garage. Less noisy and definitely a bit smoother ride now. Cost me €90, including oil.

About the same cost. Mine had only done 2500 miles but was almost 4 years old

In addition to the whine, my gearbox (or motor) has always had slight chattering noise at 32mph and at 42mph. It varies by +/- 1mph depending on temperature, but it doesn’t change with throttle position. It’s got 7500 miles on it now, and it doesn’t seem to have worsened at all with mileage.

I can’t remember if the demo car I tried did this or not… Does anyone else’s do something similar?

Yes. Mine do it too.