Gearbox Oil Leak - Holdcroft Renault Crewe

So the Twizy has been in for a service and it’s first mot (plus a few warranty issues).

I asked for the gearbox oil to be replaced too, however they’ve found a leak. It could either be a seal or the gearbox itself. So renault technical have asked for the seal to be replaced first (seems logical)…however…

This seal is classed as a “wear and tear” item. And thus they would like £250 to replace it.

At this point i reminded the dealership that the vehicle has only done 3000 miles and what their response would be if i brought a top of the range clio/megane and brought it back 3000 miles later with a leak…

So at this point it’s being raised up the chain of command, but frankly I know how Renault have treated me and the Twiz so far, basically we’re not worth their time.

Part they would like to replace is

I did the same asked for the oil to be changed and they reported a leak, however they were not sure if it was from over fill before!

Anyway they just changed the seal and refilled with oil. Fixed that but as the Twizy stood around waiting for the part made the brakes stick.

This was 5 years ago though.

Well brakes is a whole different argument that could rear it’s head too, if i turn up and the brakes are still sticking i may throw a wobbly.

If i mention the brakes are noisey and sticking… pay for a full major service and a brake fluid change, imo there should be no brake rubbing or binding, but i bet there will be.

I sent mine to Renault Belfast just after I got it for a gearbox oil change as it was 4 yrs old. It was leaking a little oil before it went to them and when it came bk it was leaking even more. It turned out that they had been referring to the wrong instructions and had fitted the wrong type of seal. Apparently there was a revised service manual or something. Oil change itself is 200 quid but I shouldnt think a seal would cost you that much, thats just mad.

Just got it back, oil seal was replaced in warranty after referring to renault hq.

The mrs drove it hime and the brakes are still grinding/scuffing, so it’ll be going back, unsurprisingly the brake wear thickness was missed off so i cant compare thicknesses to last service. Service is a rip off imo, there’s no “servicing” there’s checking and looking but nothing more than an mot.