Gearbox oil leak

Has anyone else discovered an oil leak after doing the oil change? Mine seems to be leaking from the gearbox breather. I put the recommended 1 litre of oil in as described here but I am wondering if it’s too much?

Does sound like too much. Keep an eye on it.

You did read the other thread that says no need to change the oil!!! :astonished:

No I didn’t. I’ll have a look for it

Mine leaked a little after I changed the oil, then stopped - so probably just overfill.

@osbrook I read the Renault policy a bit differently - “there is no maintenance so don’t change the oil”. Which skirts around the issue of low oil levels and the fact that some owners who have changed their oil as an insurance have found it runs more smoothly and quieter.

It would be fine to follow Renault policy if we were fully confident that they would replace a dodgy gearbox without quibble.

@Growler try here French Twizy owners meet Renault

@Silas I don’t believe that they don’t need gear box oil changes. Oil ages and things wear so it is always good practice. As you say some have found big improvements.

Thanks for the replies! Some food for thought!

Please when you use the OVMS or the Powerbox: change the oil once a year.
When not using power enhancing equipment: do change the oil. It makes the inside of the Twizy more comfortable at speeds around 70-75 km/h.
Don’t listen to the French Renault engineers. As if they did a good job to begin with.
Put the Castrol Axle 80W-90 EP in. The amount is discussable. Official Renault papers like the famous ‘4.0 Seminarunterlage Twizy Technik 03-2012 (Renault).pdf’ dictate to fill it with 1 (one) liter. On the German forum the consensus is 800 ml.
I did fill my gearbox with one liter and found some oil escaping from the top vent. Does no harm and it stops automatically. Sometimes I smell the typical odour though.
Letting the hot oil out is easy. Clean the magnetized bolt thoroughly. Fill the gearbox by putting a tube through the hole under the front of the back seat into the filling hole of the gearbox :slight_smile: