General OVMS Q&A support topic

Let this be a dedicated OVMS support topic, as I’ve found no decicated BBs on OVMS’s own resources.

Well, me myself I need help with OVMS 3 I’ve purchased recently. I don’t know if there are any OVMS devs here, but let’s try.

  1. What exactly is SOH and how is batt capacity calculated?
  2. I want a safely increased regen for extended range. Please recommed settings and how to program the car.

I can send commands to simcom, but how to see a response?

The inoffical support for the OVMS Twizy car module is here.
(You have to be logged in, since a few user don´t want to be that open about tuning their Twizy).

Dexter (Michael Balzer) is currently the sole developer of the OVMS Twizy Module.
You can reach him via our forum, or directly

There is also a OMS developer mailing list

And of cause the Manuals:

But if I can help in answering some questions from the user perspective, I will see what I can do :wink:

Dont know what you are trying to do.

You can connect a serial(to usb) terminal to you OVMS V3 and check whats happening while you send your commands.

This even works with my android and USB-C.

Regen depends on your definition of save.

Save for driving or save for the sevcon/ battery?

Battery wise there should be no problem.
The BMS allows up to 10,5kW of regen (8kW in older batteries) and the sevcon steps in when these limits are exceeded.(if you do not tinker wit the limiter manually)

Save for driving depends on the road condition and your driving abilities.

I think a suitable maximum amount of torque you can put on the regen is about 21Nm for neutral and 28Nm for breaking.
That puts the Twizy at the same amount a electro Smart will slow down without turning on the break lights.
The cars that follow you will see this as engine break.

You can shape the regen curve by using the TSMAP feature.

Try this.

Thanx! I’ve made some progress already. Connected everything to Twizy and servers. Trying to make it stable as my module has gone into factory reset by itself while in a car. I’m investigating it. Yes, I know german forum, but it’s a pain to make sense of it using google translate.
BTW do you know that guy who installed Smart seat? Does he still sell the parts needed for that?

We also speak some kind of english over there :wink:
But would be nice if some users gather here to exchange knowledge.
I try to keep them up to the knowledge gathered in the german forum

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