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Generator charging

Has anyone tried charging from a portable generator.?

I believe a Twizy draws 8 amps to charge which is 2 kw.

Clarke do a 2.2 kw briefcase style model for under £400 and uses 1.5 litre fuel per hour.

If it fitted on the floor it could eliminate range anxiety especially on long trips.

None of the dealers I have asked seem to know.

I realise it defeats the point to an extent but it might help pending more range.

I have just bought a similar generator and wondered this myself, did think about charging as I was driving with the genny on the back seat ! At least there’s plenty of air circulation :lol:

I don’t think the Twizy (or any other battery EV) will move while it is being charged, and a Twizy uses far more than its charge current while moving anyway. A generator (if you can comfortably carry it and its fuel) would enable you to stop anywhere for 3 hours and re-charge but you really wouldn’t be able to proceed across country much faster than about 10 - 15 mph. Plus, of course, the efficiency of the generator would see you using more fossil fuel than you would have used in a small ICE car. You’d probably be able to find a mains plug that would accommodate you with a bit of planning or pleading. :slight_smile:

I have also thought about this in the past and I would also be really interested whether a small generator could recharge a stationary Twizy, ignoring the charging on the move. Would anyone who has one be prepared to see what happens (try not to blow yourself or the Twizy up) ? As mentioned, it could remove range anxiety if there is an emergency power source and it was small enough to sit in the back and light enough to be taken out before it gets stolen. If gives a little freedom without have to beg.

What if it couldn’t supply the full 8 amps, would it still charge but more slowly ?

The Twizy will take at least 8 amps - if the gen cannot supply that the generator will trip out.

Charging on the move is definitely out.

Apart from having re invented a hybrid! it may suit some situations.

The idea is to top up with 10-20 miles in 30 mins or so to avoid going off route or being stranded.

The maximum Twizy charge I have measured is about 2200 watts or just under 10 amps. The best mileage I have achieved in mid summer is about 9 miles to the (wall) kWh, so 30 minutes of 2200W charge would buy you 10 miles maximum in my experience. I, too, had a look at generators for topping up a Twizy - though I never considered carrying one (and its fuel) in the vehicle. The higher powered ones - you’d need a 2.4 kW generator, I guess - are quite heavy. One crazy but potentially very “green” generator you can buy runs on waste vegetable oil. If there one of these placed strategically along Twizy routes, you’d only have to carry about 10 litres of chip oil to be able to refuel your steed with zero fossil carbon emissions! But you couldn’t carry one of these in the a Twizy to make the ultimate green hybrid - it weighs about 100kg! :lol:

If the twizy could charge on the move, slight software mod needed I think, then it would function as a range extended vehicle and not a hybrid. Vauxhall Ampera springs to mind. Not such a mad idea.