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Generator to charge Twizy

Is there a reason why you would not charge a Twizy off a small portable generator? If you absolutely had to as an occasional?

It needs to provide 10amps continuously and should be an inverter one.
Next is the way the earth works may need to fiddle the neutral and earth! Best try the generator first.

It can be done, but it’s a big genny.

Most cheap gennys provide a really dirty wave form, and can have peaks way outside the 240v area. I have seen chargers damaged by such use, and some battery charger makers will not repair them if they know they have been used on inadequate units. Most cheap gennys are alwo way under rated and cannot deliver the expected output, which gives and even worse waveform. Inverter gennys should be OK (pure sine wave is needed) but many are just too small. It must be able to deliver at least 10amp continuously so a 3kw continuous would be minimim. Same thing if trying to charge from a battery pack and inverter. It must be a pure sine wave. Cheap ones are a modified sine which is a step / square wave and this is no good.
Large industrial generators are not such a problem and are generally a good clean waveform. (Ie the ones that are about the size of a small car .)


Works great 😂

That might catch on…maybe you could build the generator in to the car and even connect it to the wheels…oh wait!

This was a great joke that for a long time people believed and still do. The Twizy cannot be charged and driven at the same time. But still fun.

When you think about it the on board charger cannot actually supply enough charge to drive on anyway. Not at speed and distance.

Happy you understood it was a joke. And it still is a good one :joy::v:

https://www.solarpowersupply.co.uk/goal-zero-bundle-discount/goal-zero-boulder-100-solar-kit-yeti-400-lithiumWhat about this.

This one is 7.5 kilos, does 10w continuous. Could this be used to give the Twizy a boost charge even if not full? They do huge ones up to 40 kilos, still a small passenger weight though.

The solar mention is only that you can buy a panel to recharge the brick


The combination of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium Portable Power Station and the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel is the perfect, portable combination for different situations. Ideal for camping, in a garden shed or as an emergency facility. The Yeti 400 Lithium has a capacity of 428 Wh and can supply devices up to 300 watts of energy. The Boulder 100 solar panel fully charges the Yeti Portable Power Station in 6 - 7 hours.

Am I missing something. 10w is a little under the 2200w the Twizy charger draws.

Oh, that’s the missing bit then

I have one of these at home , I´m not sure if it can charge the Twizy since it´s max rated at 2,2Kw , but I can find out if there is interest.

Its the constant output that is more important than peak. Most 2.2kw gennies cannot mange more than 1.8 kW which isn’t enough.

Is is though? I used to charge my Twizy through the engine heater outlet in the carport provided by my HOA until they starting bitching about it. It was a 6A/220V outlet providing 0,7kW and I always managed a full battery by morning.

Try it the other way round. What was restricting it to 7amps? The Twizy would draw 10a at 240v and the the circuit would either supply it or get warm and burn out. But this was about generators and they do restrict the supply.