Generator TWIZY experiment

Ok everyone! I’m sure many of you saw this video/image of a guy with a generator plugged on the roof of a Twizy.
My question is: what actually happen if the generator is running while plugged into a running Twizy?

In case it actually recharge we if I bring down to 0% the regenerative braking it should Increase milage isn’t.

Cannot run the Twizy while charging. The Generator needs to be a Pure Sine wave one and have a constant output of over 2.2KW with a slightly higher output for startup.

The Genny is okay as an emergency charger but not very Green.

How about I find a 5kw generator with pure sine wave )I don’t even know what it means though).? With that can I drive and charge? Or its just impossible?
I saw ppl charging tesla with generators.

To be greener it’s possible to use solar generarors

Unlikely as you cannot start the Twizy when charging. Even if you could then regen would blow the electrics.

Some one tried it on the BMW I3. Didn’t work there either.

Trailer range extender comes to mind. But the loss of range towing that thing would outweigh (sorry for the pun) benefits.

I was thinking of installing a small (1 kW) generator so that Twiz can be recharged, at lower currents, while at remote destination prior to return trip. Ideally this needs to be fitted inside the existing vehicle. I surveyed available spaces and came to this:

  1. modify the front lower panel, cutting and removing the power cord hatch and adding an extra compartment at the top, reaching almost to windscreen level and covering the Renault badge. There, a small generator would fit. Complex as hell and surely illegal!
  2. behind the rear pax seat. That will require moving the rear curved panel back, filling the gaps with, maybe, alu fillers cut to shape. Complex and illegal as well!
    Ultimately it is too much trouble to make that mod, I decided. I dont need it.

Actually to fit a generator you don’t have to cut or remove a thing. Simply modify the generator shape.
… if only I could get a twist without rental battery …

Modify generator mean making one from scratch. I considered that, but that adds immense complexity to the whole project, and still it wouldn’t fit anywhere. Throwing away washer bottle and power cord box will NOT be enough to free space even for a smallest gen.