has anyone used a generator to charge their twizy ?

I use a pure sine wave inverter on the boat

I was thinking more of the small suitcase size gennys could take it with me

I would have thought something like this one would be suitable:

OK! Although that generator has the output the Twizy wants as input (being 2kW) it will have to run on maximum refs to deliver that amount.
I read in the specs that the generator consumes 15 liters in 8 hours on half power. On full power it will take then approx 4 liters an hour. The Twizy will be charged from empty till full in about 2,5 hours.
Am I right that it’ll take 10 liters of petrol for one batterycharge? Considering the range of the Twizy I suggest you take my Ford Raptor instead. :slight_smile:

Very good, one minor point that makes it worse is the Twizy take s3.5 hours from empty At 2.2KW. So even worse fuel useage. Okay may be the last 20mins it draws less than 10amps but a small generator is not going to cut it.

thanks guys, looks like i’m going to have to use the motorbike for the 50 mile runs.

When using a generator, you must be very careful. Many are not capable of delivering the stated output as a continuous load, so you really need a 4kw or greater unit to safely charge the Twizy. Never use a genny that is not a pure sine wave output. Most of the cheaper ones are not and the waveform is very rough with lots of spikes, these can damage the charger, and such spikes are more comon when the unit is being used at or near its rated output. Consider using surge / spike protectors on the cable to the twizy. This wont allow you to use a simple genny but will limit damage. Unfortunately Pure sine (or large inverter units) are not cheap. What is an inverter generator, well a normal generator produces its output based on a continuous and fairly closely controlled engine speed to kep the frequency correct (us 60hz GB / Europe 50hz), but the output is often very badly controlled and very variable, instead of a nice smooth sine wave think of it as a wide fuzzy line on a graph, with voltage constantly changing by perhaps 10% +. An inverter generator (again make sure its a SIne wave output) generally has an simple DC generator powered by the engine, that is then turned into an AC output by an electronic inverter, so the output is electronically controlled rather than being a function of the engine turning the normal alternator in the genny.
One of my customers uses EVs as film camera tracking vehicles for action filming, and have damaged charge units on EVs by using poor generators, now they only use 6kva Inverter units, or large site (Bigger than a skip) units.