Get ready to buy your batteries from RCi guys!

After receiving advice from several very helpful members on the Twizy forum I am pleased to say I FINALLY managed to purchase my batteries from RCi. So no more payments every month, year after year. This is their main comment in writing to me several emails ago:

“I do feel the need to make you aware that we are currently working on a project to offer a buy-out option on all Renault battery hire Agreements. There is no exact timescale for this but in the coming months we would look to write to all our current lease customers to offer a purchase price”

I have the very helpful guy I managed to discuss the whole scenario with so if you PM me I’m happy to pass on the information.

Just nice to know the entire vehicle is finally “lease free”.


Dear Martin,
Can you explain more about they battery system which is made By RCi and their cost
Am having issue with my current battery and I need to replace it ( I own the current battery )

That is a great result

It is. Now all I need is for the batteries to fail :frowning:

Hi Faisal. I’m aftraid I am not conversant with the electronics of the battery & charger system of the Twizy bar the fact I am not spending £45GBP every month for eternity to rent them anymore, which is a very nice feeling indeed.

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