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I am just about to buy a Twizy and am having difficulty getting quotes for insurance. I have tried the usual Gocompare etc… and they all come back with zero quotes…

Where do you guys get your insurance from? I also own an M5 and the company I use for my insurance do not insure the Twizy either… HELP!


Try Renault themselves - Not too bad and do ensure the batteries are covered.
I and at least one other use Adrian Flux.

Just remember that there is approx £3000 of batteries that must be insured on top of the car price. This part of the battery rental agreement.

Robbie, welcome to the site.

I actually insure mine through elephant (Admiral) and its just the same as insuring a normal car. You must, however, remember to include the value of the battery in the value of the car.

So say for example you bought a bog standard Twizy or £6690. You would then have to add on £2770 for the battery. So the total value of your car in the eyes of the insurance company is £9460.

Remember, whilst the battery is in your possession you are liable for any damage or theft to it.

When I spoke to Renault at Goodwwod, they said the Twizy was rated quite high for insurance purposes.
They considered this unreasonable, and we’re supposed to be lobbying the insurance companies to sort this out.
Not sure what the outcome was or is , or if this was just bs .
Makes no odds to me as mine is on a traders policy, but may be worth contacting Renault customer services for some help .

I finally got a quote out of Adrian Flux - thanks. I also only bought 2 x new vans for my business this week so have gone back to the commercial team I insured those through to look at fleet insurance now that I will have 3 or more vehicles owned by my limited company.

One thing Adrian flux said was that in their experience the small electric vehicles were getting higher premiums because they were prone to being lifted up…

How do they know that, there aren’t enough Twizys in the UK to get those facts. At nearly 500KG they are not easy to pick up, in fact a Microcars are a very similar weight. If the window was open on most cars you can reach in and take the hand brake off, Not of the Twizy without the ignition being on.

But they don’t know that.

We have fleet insurance, which is rather different, but someone who’s bought their own Twizy after trying one of ours shopped around and eventually got his through the NFU. He’s a farmer, but at least you can be reasonably sure that some of the NFU’s underwriters have heard of the Twizy. He also said it was cheaper than the policy he could have arranged through Renault. As you’d expect, mainstream insurers are bound to be leery of anything new they don’t have any actuarial data about. It puts a responsibility on the rest of us to drive our Twizys safely and stay alive! :cool:

Good ole insurance companies - they mentioned the gwizz when talking of lifting up not the twizy but at least they managed to quote me.

Need to get a wriggle on as the spec I want is available for delivery end of next week :cool:

Hi Robbie

I just got insured over weekend for my Twizy that i pick up monday. I found Plug insure the cheapest for the Twizy at £343 which also covers the battery. I only passed my test in march so it might be worth giving them a try as no other insurers could touch them on price.

Welcome Robbie

That sounds a great deal. Hope you enjoy your Twizy as much everyone here enjoys theirs.

Agg, welcome to the site. Do you mind me asking how old you are?

I’ve had my license over 7 years with 4 years no claims and PlugInsure quoted me £650!!! Granted I’m not 25 yet, but surely that can’t push up the premium by 100% from your quote!

Thats a great price for anything, given your relative lack of experience, my son takes his test soon, but will drive the Twizy on my traders policy.

Hi James

I’m 27 and age seems to make a big differance as my partner was quoted more than me she has 5+ years no claims but is only 24. We just opted to insure me and will check again next year so how much its drops when she turns 25.

Amazing how age affects the premium that much!

Location as well. You southern’s pay more for car insurance.

I’m old with at least 7years ncd and mine was still £300 and with other vehicles with same company.

Electric cars seem to unjustifiably warrant higher insurance prices. My dad was paperwork ready on the Kangoo ZE when he found it was going to be about £300 more a year to insure over a regular transit van. The insurance company said they get crashed a lot because the drivers dont know how to drive them. Granted the regen on the Kangoo ZE is like someone yanking the handbrake on as soon as you lift off but this isnt the case on the Twizy. Im 23 with 3 years no claims, a 15k car that does 18k miles a year and my insurance came to £500. Going to jump online to see what qoutes i get on a twizy.

ahh after filling in all the details direct line dont even have the twizy on their system, pluginsure gave me a quick qoute of £500 however.


I got quoted £568 on plug insure. I’ve been driving over 7 years with 4 years no claims, although admittedly they didn’t ask about no claims.

Is that how much you got quoted?

Cheapest insurance for me so far is double what I currently pay for my Smart. So far the economice do not add up.


Have you tried PlugInsure or

I’m with Elephant and got my 10 months insurance for 500, and then at the end of 10 months assuming you haven’t claimed, you get 1 years no claims bonus.

It’s a quicker way to build up your bonus, plus they’re one of the cheapest.