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Getting my Twizy this week!

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d let you know that as of next week (as long as credit checks all clear) there will be a new Twizy owner in Manchester :D. Ever since I first found out about these crazy little things a month ago it’s become my dream car, and only motor vehicle I’d ever considered actually buying being a firm public transport user until now. Now after a fun test drive and a bit if bartering I should be the proud owner of an ex demo Twizy Technic. It’s been a really good experience so far and the Renault dealer in Manchester seems to be a lot more clued up than a lot of the dealerships that I’ve read about on here, the only problem I’m having is with insurance, I’ve got a brilliant quote from plugin sure but they said that I needed to include the cost of the battery on the quote, I was just wondering does anyone know how much the battery is actually worth for insurance purposes?

I was just wondering does anyone know how much the battery is actually worth for insurance purposes?

Plug Insure know the exact cost of the Twizy Battery.
I insured mine with them :slight_smile:


Having just been through the minefield of insurance I had quotes from £787 (Renault insurance) to £151 (Sheila’s Wheels) and I am a mature driver with umpteen years no claims discount. Some insurance companies are clued up and some are still confused. Every single Renault dealer in the south told me that the battery is insured with Renault as part of the lease but the lease states that it needs to be insured! A few insurance companies are certain that the battery does not need to be a separate insurance and it is covered in the value of the vehicle - as they say, the vehicle is worth £4k and the battery £3k therefore £7k will be fine. One insurance company categorically stated that the battery is included in their insurance quote and they gave me full NCD even though I own another car. For me, the jury is still out. I have yet to find the definitive answer. The dealer in Stockport does seem to be better informed than most! I spoke to them a few weeks ago.

My insurance company (Adrian Flux) said just add the battery value (£2700) to the value of the car to cover both. Still expensive for such a small car, but worth it. :slight_smile:

This is correct. The car is worth £7k. The battery is worth £2.7k on top. The insurance company must insure the car + the battery otherwise you’re not covered.

Thank you James and everyone else for your help :slight_smile: I thought it was about £2000 but I think even with the extra £700 it shouldn’t be too expensive to get the insurance sorted out (I think it was about £400 a year last quote which is pretty good considering Admiral were wanting to charge me over £1000!).

Oh and Andy It could have just been that the person I spoke to didn’t know, it was about an hour before they closed for the weekend on a Saturday so I don’t think the person who normally deals with these things wasn’t in.