Getting started

Twizy arrived Friday morning on a flat bed, first visual impressions - stunning! The previous owner had obviously looked after it well and the garage preparation was very good. Thank you both, I now have a Twizy in showroom condition.

Made my first shopping trip Friday afternoon. 24 miles using 57% of the battery, which seems ok. I’m sure I can improve on that with a lighter right foot and better use of regen.

I left it twice, with some trepidation, in public car parks and of course there was some curiosity but no problems. The gentle folk down here were probably puzzling over where you hitch the horse!

I wonder which is safer, hiding it away behind the trolley store or putting it in full view as close to the front door as possible.

A cardboard box in the back held the shopping but I think I may invest in Christian’s rear rack with a lockable box.

On Saturday I fitted mudflaps. Three hours for the first side and thirty minutes for the second! The three hours did include finding my spanners - when did I last work on a car.

Do any of you carry an extension lead for mid trip charge ups? Obviously a 50 metre reel would cover all eventualities but have you found an optimum length that would also be practical to carry and would you recommend a heavy duty cable?

Wednesday is the next opportunity for a drive - can’t wait!

ENJOY :smile:

Just remember if you go for an extension my understanding is that it must be rated highly enough for the continuous current needed to charge the twizy and also most will need to be fully unwound to be safe for continuous max current. You might be cheaper making one where you can go to an electrical wholesaler and make sure you buy adequately rated cable?

We have 10 metre extension leads in all ours - they just about fit in the mini-boot. It might be worth shopping around for one that has a weatherproof enclosure around the socket end. Failing that, you can get a separate cover that looks like a mini rugby ball and encloses the Twizy plug and extension socket… This is important if you’re charging outside in the rain. Since the charge current is about 10 amps, be sure to unravel the extension lead fully!

Thanks for all the advice. I’ve made up a 10m extension using heavy duty rubber cable which fits in the boot and it will be joined by a T2 to 13amp cable soon. I’m thinking a tow rope would also be a sensible precaution as it might be a quicker solution to getting home than a flat bed. Hopefully they will all stay in the boot unused for a very long time.

Timely reminders about unwinding cables, I have a Motorhome and I’m often dismayed on campsites when spotting cables still carefully coiled on reels. Even worse is watching someone plug in to the mains hook up and then carry the potentially live end to their caravan!

Only travelled 110 miles so far but enjoyed every one of them :smile: