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Giving up the Twizy

Its a sad day but unfortunately I’m going to have to give up my Twizy :(.

My job has recently moved and my commute is just too long to make the Twizy even half way practical, coupled with the high cost of finance, battery hire and insurance it just isn’t worth keeping, I figured out that I’ll save over £100 per month if I switch to a used ICE Smart car and that isnt even counting the extra comfort and practicality of the Smart.

Anyway I’m currently about 14 months into a 4 year finance contract so I rang Renault Finance for advice and they told me that if I want to terminate the Hire Purchase scheme that I’m on then I have to pay them up to half of the total cost of the vehicle (currently another £2400 away) then I can just hand it back, other than that they suggested that I could try and see if the dealer would be willing to buy the car back from me or I could try and sell it privately. The settlement figure they gave me was £6098.33.

I was just wondering what to do, I haven’t heard back from the dealer yet but I doubt that they would cover the full cost so I would probably end up having to make up the difference anyway, although my dealer has been very helpful so far, much better than the dealers that a lot of you have had to deal with anyway. Do you think that someone would want to buy an (almost) 2 year old Twizy Technic with doors and Twizy Windows with under 8500 miles on the clock for £6100? Or should I just bite the bullet and pay off the remaining finance?

Ill update once I’ve heard back from the dealer as well.

Any advice from the community would be great thank you :).

Hi AlBal,

Unfortunately you’d be very hard pushed to sell your Twizzy for anything near that. I’d suggest a look at autotrader to see what they go for. I know you won’t like the results, but better to work from a position of knowledge than not.
Good luck working this out.

Hello Julianh,

Yeah I figured it would be unlikely to get that kind of price, I had a look on Auto trader and they have 3 Twizys on there, one is pretty much the same as mine and is going for around £5500 but has only 5000 miles on the clock but I’m not a car person so I don’t know how much the extra 3000 miles would depreciate the value or even if it works like that at all, it’s all pretty confusing :s.

Sadly, 8500 miles makes it one of the highest mileage ones for sale and the resale values have been fairly poor to date.

If you compare against ones on Auto-Trader or ebay, they are at dealers who offer buyers reassurance and finance/part ex too, so you’ll need to undercut them by £1000 or more to make it attractive and also offer UK-wide delivery.

Prices seem to have firmed up a little and the over-supply seems to have settled a bit, so good luck!

Yeah its looking like giving it back to RCI finance may be my only option, if i have to undecut other dealers by £1000 then it would be far cheaper to just pay the outstanding balance and unfortunately the dealer I bought it from isnt buying back any pre-owned stock at the moment and the sales manager that i spoke to said that even if they were he doubted they would offer very much for the Twizy.

It’s disgraceful that Renault dealers won’t buy back their own vehicles when they fit the normal retail criteria of being their own brand, under four years old and 50,000 miles.
This made absolutely sure that I will never ever buy into Renault or their brands ever again.

We’ve seen threads of owners persuaded into a Twizy by the dealers while waiting for the ZOE launch, who told them their loyalty would be looked after, they then begrudgingly offered 40% of the original purchase price back as part-ex after a few months and a few thousand miles-if they offered at all.

It looks like you are best handing it back if you can. Damn.

How do you feel about the way you are being treated?

I dunno I mean it is disappointing but I knew it was a risk when I got into the HP with the Twizy and I thought that this could happen but it is crazy that they aren’t taking back any stock since they are a large dealership (although they could have just been tipped off that it was that Twizy guy and just made it up so they didn’t have to take one back). I dont feel as badly treated as the poor ZOE customers who got sold a Twizy while they wait though that’s outrageous! At least I wanted a Twizy in the first place and I knew they were quite high risk but still after this and the stories I’ve heard on this forum I doubt ill be coming back to Renault again (well unless the Twizy Mk2 or 3 is awesome and I actually have enough money to buy it outright :razz:). Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to leave the EV community for now at least until they get a little cheaper, or I get a lot more money :wink:.

I’ve had a bit of a re-think and based on the response from the dealer and my prospects of privately selling the Twizy it looks like I’m gonna just keep it (hooray) turns out I would be better off just keeping the Twizy until my payments run their course than to pay Renault to take it off me. So looks like I’m gonna be sticking around for a while longer :).

Probably the best idea-I think prices will firm over time and the Twizy will become a cult car.
The dealer over-stock is easing and there’s nothing much in the way of competition still.

Happy Twizying-I still miss mine.

Good thinking Batman!! Glad to hear you are staying with the Twizy family. We are a very exclusive lot, you know.

Yeah I just thought I may as well keep it until I reach the point that I can just hand the Twizy back to RCI without paying an extra penny which should be in around 16 months and then see what my options are :). Besides I would have really missed it if I had given it up.

Haha well that’s what I was thinking! My family and gf think I’m mad but I really like my little Twizy and I really didn’t want to give it up but I think I’m going to be moving back to the confines of Greater Manchester soon so it’ll be a lot more practical then, just got to get through a few more months of whizzing along the A6 twice a day.