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Glasgow: Public Points Initiative

After many false starts, Glasgow is now seeing the first of a tranche of new ‘public’ charging points - however, no information as to cost (supposedly free) or how to get access. Bothwell Street and Wilson Street both have 4 bays and two eVolt pillars. Parking regulations (to prohibit ICE use) has already been enacted, although the street plates have yet to be erected. The bay has been coloured green.

Within the next month Glasgow will formally unveil their EV initiative (for details check out their City ParkingGlasgow Twitter feed). There is a change to their charging policy at off-street car parks with posts - the power was always free, but you paid for parking (as normal). New signage has appeared now offering the same free power, BUT 2 hours free to recharge. So whilst it seems a positive step, I find it discriminatory.

No measure of vehicle types have been taken - from flat, a Twizy requires 3.5hrs, as it only has a 13a plug and rated charger. A Leaf (for example) can do it in 2, possibly faster if 32a is available - so Twizy users will have to pay to charge fully, as with 2hrs credited, the remaining 1.5hs is chargeable.

I’ve complained - we’ll see if they take notice!

Confirming the 4 eVolt points are now live and operational (but not officially). Part of the Charge Your Car network, I was delighted to discover that my ChargeMaster RF card unlocked it!

The regulations for these street bays prohibit any ICE parking INCLUDING Blue Badge holders.

2 hours at 32 amps is less than 16 wall kWh, or about 14 kWh into the battery, isn’t it?

Do the eVolt pillars take the standard 13 amp plug?

Sadly, no. The retained Electrobay (original) posts do - all eVolts are T2 only.

Thanks Busby. Are there any Electrobay posts in central Glasgow?

They are shown on the Plugshare app - but from memory:

Concert Square Car Park
Cadogan Square Car Park (both with free parking)
St Enoch Shopping Centre
Braehead Shopping Centre (Blue Car Park / Free)
ASDA Bishopbriggs

Hope this helps - also check out EVAS (Electric Vehicle Association Scotland)

Many thanks Buzby.

I think your former Twizy has sold!

Well, I see it!s gone from AutoTrader - shame they stripped the saltire wrap from it (this meant they lost the orange from the door panels too!). Hopefully RCI will stop billing me for the damn battery! :slight_smile: