Glove Box Cylinder Removal for Repair/Replacement


I bought half a year ago a second hand Twizy that has a broken/damaged gove box keylock/cylinder that I want to remove and repair it.

I have removed the glove box (I just installed new struts as well) and I see that to remove the cylinder, I need to remove the white trim. Is it possible to remove this just the right side trim without removing the steering wheel, etc?





Thanks for the picture, I just noticed with your picture that I am missing an additional part; the fork lock. I will need to replace/repair the barrel, the black plastic piece that locks the door plus buy a new fork lock (Part number: 8200706372). according to Renault’s Dialogys, the black piece is not sold alone.

I saw as well in Dialogys that the white trim part should come off only the right side, it has three snap-in clips.