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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Going back to diesel

On the occasions that I need to carry more passengers or travel more than 30 miles I hire myself a Zipcar VW Golf for the journey. Its a sort of pay-as-you-go car and is easy to use for an urbanite like myself and compliments the drawbacks of owning a Twizy.
What I find difficult to go back to is the performance of its diesel engine. Whilst adequately powerful and efficient, it will easily out accelerate a Twizy, yet the irregular power curve and constant gear changing make it feel like I’m driving some sort of 18th century steam lorry.
What is it that makes the Twizy so much fun to drive? Apart from the go-cart handling,it is the smooth acceleration that is always there under your right foot when you need it and it is the guilt-free deceleration that is recharging your battery instead of wearing down your brake pads. As I clunk around in my Golf I wonder how long it will be before all cars can be as graceful to drive as an EV.

I agree, I drive the Twizy and dozens of other vehicles each week and they all seem out-dated after driving the Twizy.

My favourite bit is the sensitive and accurate throttle which gives you the accuracy of a manual car when getting speeds right for corners etc, but the comfort of an automatic-without the lazy auto box.

I must agree . I got my twizy on Christmas Eve and I’m loving it !! So much fun I took the family out tonight for a meal and missed driving my little Twizy it’s unreal !! The looks you get and the fantastic handling. I own a landy , bmw bike , A class car , and a Relay van . They just don’t compare it’s a fab driving experience and I’m hooked :slight_smile:

BMW bikes are a common interest of some on here, take a look around the site!