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Going the distance

How far have you gone with your Twizy in a day, driving & charging repeatedly? I’ve seen the James & Kate video on YouTube driving a Twizy from Aberdeen to Hinkley which was bonkers. If I was doing around 45-50 MPH in a stock Twizy, would it really be a case of stopping to charge every 30-35 miles at 3 hours a pop??

Also in summer, do they suffer from any sort of charge speed throttling with repeated charges? I know it’s only a 10 Amp charger onboard so it’s hardly rapid. And if you own a Powerbox and do a more consistent 60MPH on a motorway, what sort of range are you seeing then from the car?

This idea of owning a Twizy keeps knawing away at me and has done so for about a year now. I’ve not seen many Twizys recently for sale in my local area (Southampton), so I’ve been thinking about how far afield I could realistically go to get one and drive it home.
Whilst I own a Dacia Duster, it doesn’t have a tow bar fitted, so towing a Twizy home on a trailer isn’t on the cards and renting a van or flatbed is more cost & hassle I would hope to avoid.

the golden rule is 30/50 for a new Twizy, 30mph will give you almost 50 miles range , 50mph will give you 30 miles of range.

I have driven 42 miles in the summer on mine albeit with reduced power for the last few miles.

Also in the winter I have run out of power before, 20 miles on the range and drove 10 miles and ran out of juice , cold battery , always carry an extension lead in the boot for cheeky recharging when you run out of juice :sweat_smile:

My best advice is always have the battery fully charged for anything over 20 miles round trip.

There are many transport companies that will move a car from point A to point B , useful for me because I live on an island :grin: but generally I have never had a problem.

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That’s a point I hadn’t thought of, just paying a company to lift and shift it for me on a flatbed. The pragmatic option! Maybe not as much fun or an adventure though.

I had already planned to carry a long extension lead plus a Type2 and Commando adaptors. I know Commando is not often seen but I guess campsites, site huts and maybe the occasional lorry park hookups might still use them.

I’ve seen online a Tesla being towed to recharge it via regenerative braking. I wonder if you can tow a Twizy either in neutral or in drive and let it charge whilst towed? Pretty sure the manual would advise against such folly but in reality? Maybe I should plan to carry a tow rope too!

the standard regen on the Twizy is low , with the powerbox you can increase it but I’m guessing you might need to tow it 10 miles to get any juice back in to the battery.

extension lead is the way forward , I’ve managed to recharge about six times at people houses I don’t know :sweat_smile:

It does somewhat go against my reserved nature to knock on a random door and ask a stranger for some electrickery, but needs must eh :smile: Must remember to always carry some cash for such eventualities.

It’s part of the adventure :grin:

The twizy will fit in the back of a Luton van. Get one with a 1000kg tail lift and go collect it. Rental for a Luton can be as little as £50 per day.

With regards you reservations, I was exactly the same. I wanted one and talked myself out of it so many times. I eventually found one and bought it.
First drive I thought (whilst getting hailed on in -3 degrees) “what have I done?!”
Fast forward 2 days and no horrendous weather, I fitted my PowerBox. I now drive nothing other than the twizy anywhere in a radius of 25-30 miles from my house.
Battery owned and free Charing at Tesco pod-points, the cheapest and most fun motoring I’ve ever had.
I won’t sell mine, but if you’re in the Bristol area anytime you’re more than welcome to come and have a drive in mine.

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Just buy one , after the Renault Twizy F1 @ Goodwood FOS in 2013 I haven’t looked back :heart_eyes:

Then there was the powerbox from Kenneth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have loads of cars , Twizy is my favourite :star_struck: rain or shine.

“its the most fun you can have with your trousers on” :rofl:


Thanks for the offer @EVnBeyond :grinning: thats very kind of you! Although I don’t think I’m going to be anywhere in the Bristol area soon. I’m gonna keep an eye out for the right one in the mean time and see what comes up.

@moojuiceuk you say you have a resevered nature…the Twizy attracts as much attention as any supercar…if not more…I’m sure @K22MDL will agree!


I would say reserved in as much as I don’t like inconveniencing others or relying on someone else to do something where possible.

I’m an eccentric sort of guy who doesn’t care what people think about the way I look or what I drive. I’ll talk to anyone about a car or technology as long as they’re pleasant. Driving a MK4 '92 Transit (before MoT failure forced it into retirement) attracted attention at the lights from other van drivers as the MK4 is a dieing breed these days.

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I collected mine last weekend, hired a citroen long wheel base van, two motorcycle ramps and drove her straight in the back. 7 hour round trip in total but made it all very easy!

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I remember sitting in mine at traffic lights and just feeling the eyes on me.

I used to drive mine on the A13 in and out of London every day, and I would get passengers of other cars hanging out the windows taking photos of me, and trying to talk to me as I’m doing 50mph :laughing:

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Still happens 8 years on. When one the M1 you still get lots of cameras pointed at you. Kids love that ‘funny little car’.

I regularly get stopped when out and about , kids think the Twizy is cool and most parents have no idea this car exists.

People take loads of photos and when i park up always get ask what type of ICE engine is fitted :grin:

Lucky with my location always new faces to chat about the Twizy.

The longest I ever drove was 24 miles at fairly high speed (45-50mph.) This really does drain your battery and I had to stop at a hotel and charge using one of their handy out door sockets, oh and I got a cuppa thrown in for my troubles!

The Twizy really is such a unique experience, one with a comparatively narrow field of use but if you can make it work then go for it :slight_smile: