Good lease deals?

Hi guys - i’m new to the electric car world! Well trying to be anyway! Can anyone help me find any good lease/contract hire deals on ANY electric car! I’m trying to keep my costs below £200 a month and i travel approx 18k mikes a year.

Thanks in advance

Welcome @Colgate Not sure you will find a new PCP deal that low now days, may have done 18 months ago on a Zoe.

Might need to consider purchasing second hand - say a leaf.

Take this:

Real 100km (says200km but I bet at top speed it’s half) at 100kmh.

Or get a Twizy and pimp it to the max!
With all the previous above you’ll find on this forum your Twizy will get the poop out of Elon musk :joy:

Saw this yesterday,

It comes in under £200 a month if you take it over 4 years. The battery rental will be on top, but I think you’d struggle to get the battery lease to cover that sort of range.

Or this one - no battery lease, and the battery has lost no capability bars, so it’s worth a punt