Good news for you guys who want to tune the new Twizy models that are produced after July 2016 :-)

Good news for you guys who want to tuned the new Twizy models Which are produced after July 2016 :slight_smile:

I’ve finally just last week managed to tune the new Twizy models that are manufactured after July 2016 :-))))))))))))))))
I have managed to switch firmware on the motor controller and together with a Powerbox this now works perfectly. I only have left some minor details about how we will do this in practice. It’s not 100% sure yet that a Powerbox can handle this all by itself and maybe need some help from an IXXAT interface to do the actual firmware update. we’ll see what I can achieve :slight_smile:

Powerbox’s task here is to handle the DNR buttons (without the Powerbox, you will not be able to use the original DNR buttons) Powerbosen will also simulate various CAN messages to make the dashboard work, this are not possible on the official firmware. Beside this, the Powerbox will have all the common features that are on a regular Powerwerbox V2

The firmware update on the motor controller can not be reversed, so this may not be applicable to those who want to keep the warranty on the car. Your Twizy can be returned to the original power map but Renault will maybe be able to detect this if thay are going to diagnosing your controller since it does not have the original firmware anymore. The firmware we use is Sevcon’s official firmware so this is not dangerous for your controller.

This feature is also meant to be used on used Renault motor controllers.
As is the case today, Renault locks your motor controller to your specific car. That means, you can not buy a used controller and mount it in a different car. You are currently forced to buy a new motor controller from Renault. Not even Renault service center can configure a used controller to work in another car. I’m pretty sure this is a breach of various laws and this put an end to all sales of used motor controllers. Renault should perhaps have been sued for this.

With this firmware update, you can now also use a used controller if you want and can then put aside your original controller until you need it due to warranty issues :slight_smile:
or if you’re only in a situation where you need a new motor controller and would rather buy it used. You can now do that :slight_smile:


Interesting news;-)

To be clear, when you speak of the motor controller, you mean the SEVCON?

What about the engine immobilizer? When you flash the SEVCON with a stock Firmware you loose the coding with the UCH?

Do I understand you correctly, with that stock SEVCON firmware you have to use the POWERBOX to still be able to change the gears? All Dashboard information is emulated by the Powerbox?
(Full set of information, or only reduced? )

A modified SEVCON will never get back all the functionality and will only work with a Powerbox from now on?

The Powerbox takes care of the immobilizer so this is no problem. and yes, you must have the Powerbox connected all the time. The car will not start without the Powerbox. And yes the motor controller = Sevcon Gen4

The Powerbox and sevcon controller then work together for the car to work.

If I good understood You exchange sevcon firmware to another? This is a reason why You need to have IXXXAT and DVT Customer? I ask because I know that the different firmware has no latch for DNR buttons so this is the result.

If I’m wrong please correct my, but if YOu achieve it in this way this operations for 2000% sure reject the guarantee because in sevcon You can read the firmware version and last update date…

Yes, you are right and therefore I wrote
(this may not be applicable to those who want to keep the warranty on the car).

but you must remember that Renault service uses CLIP and not DVT customer. But if Reault detects this on a regular service is not 100% certain. however, anyone who will do this must do this with the knowledge that the warranty may be lost.

I’m working on a solution where Powerbox can do the actual firmware update to so we do not need to use an IXXAT.

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Nice developmental progress for those who have a newer Twizy and want tuning at the right time.

You still haven´t confirmed that this will be a one way trip!

A modified Twizy will never be able to work on its own again !?

So the powerbox will be a mandatory part of the Twizy after that?

How would Renault not notice that, when you always have to have it pluged in?!?

I wouldn´t bother about the warranty.
But what´s with the battery lease?
Even a out of warranty Twizy could get into trouble with that obvious modification.

Hi @Grossstadtfahrer You will find answers to all the questions in the first post.

Yes this is a one way trip. currently. If the Renault firmware will be public, it can be reversed, but this is very unlikely

It will only work with a Powerbox connected. If this is a problem for you then I can create a small unit that you can permanently mount in the car.
It will be next the same as with Renault’s firmware. Renault’s firmware only works with the immobilizer. now it only works with the Powerbox instead. and it’s not locked to this car

Yes or an additional unit if desired

I have no good answers here. but I would like to recommend people to take the service themselves or at an alternative workshop. a twizy is a cheap car/4 wheel motorcycle and there is little maintenance on it. There is no requirement to have service at Renault regarding the battery (at least not Norway).

Everyone who tunig their car must take into account that one may have issues regarding guarantees. It’s the basic rule for everyone who tuner their car.

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At least in Germany you are contractually obligated to let Renault check the battery at least once a year.
Can´t imagine that you do not have this in the Norwegian contract.

As far as I experienced there is enough evidence that Renault will not pursue that right or sanction you in any way.

But when you total your car or at least damage it so far that you have do do some body work on it, or even when you decide to get rid of the lease and replace teh battery with you own, Renault will check the battery for damage.

And this could get a little trickier.

With the stock firmware you could only assume a tuning by checking the max logs.
Now you have to hide a piece of hardware :wink:

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Not here in UK. Renault have never checked my battery and it is now coming up to 6 years.

What are they checking for?

Basically state of health and some battery specs.
Nothing worth the time.

Its like an oil change. Just get the customer in for a service and I will sell him the newest car :wink:

Would you consider sending me a copy of your battery lease contract (anonymized?)
It would interest me if only Renault Germany is this restrictive.

There was one on this site at one point. But when I get chance I’ll dig it out. Won’t be quick.

In Norway, it is only recommended service once a year. not a requirement. You are free to take the service wherever you want.

There are also more and more countries that you can now buy the battery and not have to rent it

Here you have the Norwegian leasing terms. Sorry but I only have this in Norwegian.
Pungt 7.2 is about the Warranty and there is no demand for service the battery :slight_smile:

The Italian price list and website mention the possibility to buy it with batteries but when you actually call they say: “ahh no it’s only a rental battery sorry”.
…buy is not listed as spare part…which is the most important thing.

Ps. And I’ve talked to one of the biggest Renault shop in Italy…AND I’ve talked to the so called “expert of the Twizy”

Thanx :wink:

Da må jeg forbedre norskeren min. :wink:

hehehe lykke til @Grossstadtfahrer :slight_smile:

in Norway Today, we can no longer lease a battery from Renault even if we want to.

Only those who bought Twizy before 2014 or was it 2015 may keep the lease. (Can not remember when this started)

Hi Kenneth, first of all congratulation on what I would call a major breakthrough in Twizy tuning. Apart from that then the way I read the Norwegian rental agreement then in 7.2.3 it is actually possible for Renault to demand to check the battery at their own cost. I dont think it has ever happened and I dont think that it will ever happen, but it could.
I guess I will start looking for an old Sevcon controller so that I could have one original and one tuned. How difficult is it to change the Sevcon? Regards from Denmark

Removing the Sevcon can be achived without removing the axels or support frame.
But it is a very narrow fit.

But if you replace the SEVCON anyway, it would be no more trouble tho change the bundled UCH and key chips accordingly.

Then you can use the Twizy as usual. (But the VIN might look a bit suspicious)