Good news or bad news?

Two months ago I sold my motorbike and bought a twizy and all good. Bought some nice aftermarket windows and was considering a powerbox

After many many months we found a new house which is a short walk from the station. So i am selling my Twizy

This is the dilema. RCI just sent me forms to complete regarding the battery lease so I rang RCI to discuss and they have no record of any previous lease on their system. They don’t understand how this happened and as the guy put me hold to talk to his colleague the line was cut. So I think I have a twizy dynamique 2015 that has just got a little more interesting.

I dont really want to call RCI back…what do the experienced Twizy Owners think?

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Stand your ground in my experience

Am I reading this right? You haven’t signed any docs for the battery lease and RCI had no record. If so you are a lucky lucky chap…!!!

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