Goodwood festival of speed 2016

Hi all
Just bought a twizy having real good fun only had on the road for 2 days. I do not have the contact but was thinking it may be nice if Renault we offer a event for Twizy owners at Goodwood 2016 posibliy on the Thursday or Friday. I am sure that a number of us will go to Goodwood. It would be good for Renault and a place to meet other Twizy owners to exchange stories

I agree I would trailer mine down it would be great if we could get 100s there


This is a good start let’s see how many others would be intersted


I would like to see if I would trailer my Twizy 45 from the Netherlands for this.

Thanks for your reply

I have noticed there have been a few people reading this thread it would be good to see how many think it is a good idea, coprate companies will be already planning next year’s event. We may need to start to engage with Renault soon if it to be a posibilty.

@ian. It’s a great idea, but the limited range of the Twizy is going to be a big problem for most of us.
@peter_szczesiak. A bit optimistic to expect hundreds of us as there are only about 400+ Twizys in the UK. Would be great though. Just imagine the sight of even 30 Twizys in one place. :smile:

Let me know more and I’ll take mine. I went a few a couple of years ago to see the Twizys and F1 Twizy. Just returned from holiday with my Tailored Twizy. 150 miles there but did over 200 miles round the Welsh mountain roads.

This would be great if Renault would get involved. Not sure how likely that is, but worth a go!? I’d happily trailer my Twizy in for it.

Let’s just see how many other responce there is and then let put some thought together and let’s see what we belive would be a good way of dealing with this


I think this is a great idea. I would also have to think about a trailer but I think I can rent one locally. Renault should welcome this but may not get involved. I have found them to be pretty apathetic about Twizys on the whole.

Seeing as though we have a member in Bermuda I vote we go there :smiley::sunny::tropical_drink:

@Migster Bermuda would suit your door less Twizy. But shipping cost may be a little high :grinning: Unless there is now a bridge we can trailer the Twizys on. :open_mouth:

I’m up for Bermuda, think Renault would pay shipping?

Sorry, I was a reader but not a responder to this thread. I think it’s a great suggestion and I would like to be there but I can’t make commitments at the moment. Count me in as 50/50.

Thanks for the responses it looks as if there could be a few of us there with or without Twizys I will let this run for a couple more days and then I will come back to you all that has shown interested and start some dialog as to what may and may not work via an email address. Once we have a clearer idea of what people would like to achieve I will see if we can get Renault to buy in


I applaud the idea, but the 175 miles is a bridge (and charge or two) too far. Good luck, would love to see a twiddle of Twizzies ( if that’s the collective noun)!!!

Or should that be a battery of Twizys? :frowning:

If this happened and I have one in time I’d be up for it as I’m only 20 miles from Goodwood.

I would happily trailer mine along (once I get it!) to this event

Hi all
Just waiting to confirm the date once we have this will see what we can come up with