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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Got a Zoe for the weekend!

Love it!

But not as fun as the Twizy. Not yet converted, but still 2 days left.

Nice one, was having a close look at the Renault dealers a week or so ago.
I think they are quite appealing, not sure how well they are selling, never seem to see any around.

I’ve seen a couple about in London. The all black ones look very nice!

I have also come across a couple on the road. Even saw a Fluence the other day. But I still have not come across another Twizy yet!!
Dying to meet one so I can wave and if possible, stop and have a chat!!

Hi stranger (Bassflex),
I saw you in the Twizy last week, alongside Brackenwood.

Keep meaning to have a borrow of the Zoe, lovely looking car. Agree that it would have to be black for me too.

So here’s a vid I did.


You could have pointed out how little sounds it makes when driving :wink:

I tried to record the 3 sounds it makes, but they are too quiet. :rolleyes: