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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Got an addition to our smart: A Scion IQ

A bit like a smart on steroids, much quieter, absolutely smooth shifting, sound system that could contact Mars. Actually a bit boring, but still great on petrol. Toyota may cancel them, but I don’t care. More spare parts down the road. Oh, also room in the back for one
(even though they say two).

You must be considered a bit of an “eccentric” liking and driving all these small cars in the US. Just imagine if or when you get a Twizy!!
I had an IQ before and I loved it. It’s a packaging marvel but the thing that impressed me most is how refined it is for a small car. I would say there is room for 1 and an 1/2 in the back. There were rumours that Toyota was thinking of bringing out an electric version. If so, I will be one of their first customer.

Actually, a co-worker said: “You guys don’t plan on on offering many rides to people, do you?”
I get more complliments than disparaging remarks generally. However you are right about the current and past fad for large
vehicles here. HUGE pickup trucks, ect.