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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Got hit up the backside!

My Twizy got hit up the backside today.:’( Gutted. It was one of those roundabout jobs where the driver behind was looking right and went and didn’t see I was still there in front.
It felt hell of a whack inside and of course being open hell of a bang. On inspection there appeared little damage, only a chunk taken off the “bumper”, but I am having it checked to make sure no damage had been done to the chassis underneath.

Sorry to hear about that. Hope it gets sorted quickly.
Does sound loud in the Twizy with it being so close and so open.

Unlucky :frowning:
make sure you get it checked thoroughly, when mine was damaged most of the garages looking at it were clueless, I had to fight tooth & nail to get it repaired correctly.