Got my Twizy today

Today was the day when I picked up my first and brand new Twizy.
I live in Sandnes, Norway and there is no battery lease :slight_smile:
Black Intence with mudflaps and glass roof (there was a mix up in the order, so I got glass roof instead of backing sensors and no glass).
The wind was quite forcefull today so I sure noticed that I have no windows yet.
About windows, I might get a pair from Colombia for 800 USD with DHL freight. This video show the ones I am aming for. (spanish)


welcome to the club

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In Colombia, we have many differents options of windows…
I recommend this YouTube channel, you can see other windows options.
It can be useful for all.
Please, tell me what you think!

I have been in contact with Pasos, but I dont know how to araign payment and have it done.
Best would be Paypal or something equaly easy.

These windows is far the best I have seen and the ones I want for my Twizy 2018 model.
Any help to obtain those would be highly appreciated.
I would also promote them in my area where there is aproximately 300+ Twizys on a population of 250 000. and growing!

best regards
Pål Andor

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Today 17 May, Norways independence day.

Any information on the windows we talked about?

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