Got my Twizy!

I placed the order back at the start of June, but finally, my Twizy has arrived!!

Only had it a few days but really enjoying it so far! Gotta get a better cover for it as it’s parked outside. I’m thinking about one of these:
Any thoughts?

Also still waiting for an electrician to fit an outdoor socket at my house, but fortunately they’ve put a charging point in at my workplace so I can charge it there for free at the moment!

Last thing to sort out is that my parking space at home is a concrete slab affair with a slight gradient and some awkward angles; poor little Twizy doesn’t seem to have much grip to reverse when it’s wet. Parking usually involves some wheel spin action, unless I get my trajectory spot on first time… I’ve never driven a car that’s got stuck in light rain before, usually it requires ice or snow for that to happen! haha. I might put winter tyres on to see if that helps in the short term; has anyone else done this in previous years? I think the Continentals are only £50 each at the moment.

Those minor issues aside though, it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin and copes fine with my work commute, even with some reasonably long 50mph sections.

The thing I hadn’t anticipated is just how much attention it gets! Mostly positive reactions with only a few insults thrown at me so far. I’ve driven some very unusual cars in my time, but nothing comes close to the Twizy in terms of the percentage of people who react to it. In fact, I suspect there may not be ANY other production vehicle on the market right now (regardless of price point) which rivals it for this. Not sure if that’s good or bad!?

One thing to notice is, parking is a lot easier in a Twizy than in any other car, due to the huge margin you have at a parking spot.
I noticed that the Twizy, while very capable of drifiting, with some practice it is also very easy to control the slipping. Easier than any of the other ‘big’ cars.
Lastly, I wouldn’t want you to miss this awesome video:


Haha excellent video!

Yes generally I don’t struggle to park the Twizy :slight_smile: Parking at home is just an issue because it’s a very awkward motorbike space… It’s very tight and surrounded by concrete steps and things to break your wheels on. And it has no grip at all. Otherwise it’s perfect :lol:

God only knows how the previous owner of this property got a motorbike parked safely. Maybe it was a moped!?