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Got myself a little scared today

I didn’t intended to do any range test this morning, but I realized before getting my son to daycare that I forgot to charge my Twizy when I cam back yesterday , doooh ! :o
So I had done about 24km and had a bit over 60% battery left, and a bit over 34km to do this morning.

Well I have to tell you I did drive conservatively (head wind at about 50km/h), and it does make a big difference. I floor it almost all the time as I usually have half a charge of spare.

Bottom line is that I made it to work (respecting the speed limits with much more zeal than usual), with a full charge, I drove in total (with the trip back from work from yesterday) 58km and had a SOC at 6% when I plugged the Twizy. Not bad considering the wind and the 1 degree Celcius I had this morning.

I will never do that ever again it is too stressful.
But still that experience gave me a good idea of the really range of my twizy in those harsh conditions.

That is a good result, I have found that a head wind is the worst thing to reduce the range.

Sure is. The Twizy has a truly awful drag factor (CD). It’s about the same as an upright push bike with an oversize rider. Above 30mph on the flat I estimate that the bulk of the power goes to overcoming air resistance. A head wind, if you think about it, is like driving at your current speed PLUS the speed of the wind. So 30mph into a 20mph headwind is going to drain the batteries like driving at 50mph in still air. And we all know what THAT does! :slight_smile:

Ah glad you made it alright! The same thing happened to me last week, 7 miles on the range meter and 7.3 miles to work! (where i charge up my car) luckily the range meter is pretty inaccurate but even so made sure i coasted down every hill on the way and drove as smoothly as i could with slow acceleration and i made it with 2 miles to spare! It was good to see that i could do it if i need to but i definitely dont want to do that too often though it was far too stressful. Ah yeah the wind has been a killer up here, i could really feel my poor little Twizy struggle trying to drive up hill with a headwind :s.