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GPS Suggestions

Because the Twizy is ‘open plan’ the prospect of using a standard SatNav and watching it fail because do water ingress is not attractive. The solution appears to be a motorcycle-based device (similar to the Garmin Zumo range, that can act as an MP3 player, Bluetooth Handsfree and of course directions and maps. What do forum members use, and are there any issues with hard wiring it in place?

Motorcycles use water proof cases on standard GPS devices. Like wise water proof phone and camera bags would work.
Why does it need to be hard wired, i’d like to take mine eithgervwith me if walking or to other cars.

Having used GPS’s since they first came out (and were less than £500), waterproof bags are unsightly and degrade the view of the screen, especially if condensation or water fall on the plastic cover. Motorcycles also use fully waterproof GPS devices - if you are prepared not to be a cheapskate, the Garmin Zumo is one of them, I also believe Tom Tom Rider is fully waterproof also. Since the Garmin holder is powered, it is this that is hard wired - saving on having to completely remove the installation when parking your Twizy. I can pop out the SatNav and take it with me, leaving the (boring) holder behind. Anyone putting their hand inside the window won’t get anything useful or valuable either. It would appear that if Twizy users are simply using a suction cup SatNav, they will studiously have to remove it from the windscreen every time they stop. As I use the Zumo on the Vectrix bike, it would appear that this would be a prime candidate to be used in a Twizy - especially if there is nothing better. From what you suggest, it looks as though there isn’t!

A Sat Nav stuck to the inside windscreen is not going to get wet in a Twizy!
Many years ago when Sat Navs were brand new I had a HP Palm Computer with Sat Nav installed.
I used to use that on a Motorbike!
I fitted it near to the clocks and because the bike had a Fairing it kept most of the water off as I rode along. :smiley:


We’ll, I already had a tidal wave come in the window when a car undertook going through a standing puddle. A GPS (unless weatherproof) will not cope with that! I agree normally, i’s not a major issue, but it remains a valid scenario (worse if you have no doors). It doesn’t pay to be cavalier!

Each to there own but my phone/MP3/GPS sits in the windscreen cradle. Still work 12 months latter. However it nearly wasn’t when I used an MP3 player and simply ‘hid’ under the seat, which promptly filled with rainwater due to the slope I was parked on. Hence taking with me now.

I’ve just used my iPhone as a sat nav in the Twizy. Works perfectly well. No chance of it getting wet.

I tried it for awhile until the iPhone 5 battery died faster than the Twizy’s. For infrequent use, it’s a useful fallback but there are always compromises. I’ve settled on moving the waterproof Garmin Zumo 660LM to the Twizy, wiring the loom into power and pod speakers (as it doubles up as an MP3 player and phone Bluetooth link. Better yet, it unclips in a moment to shove n he boot when you leave it!