Greetings from Bonnie Scotland!

Hi everyone!
Picked up my Twizy Technic yesterday and absolutely loving it!
It didn’t go unnoticed either…

Better weather is coming and you will enjoy it even more!!!

Thanks @askho! Fitted my windows last night so all bases now covered!

Have you got the Renault windows? They are crap. They create a lot of wind noise and turbulence.
The first year I had the Twizy I used the Renault windows all the time except for really hot summer days, but through the advice and recommendation of other forum members, I have left them off last year and right through the winter. It is far far nicer. Get nicely wrapped up and it’s not bad at all, even in Scotland, I’m sure. Try it. You will be surprised.

I have the windows from, which were a lot cheaper.
To be honest, I have them on for my 6yr old in the back for when I pick her up from school. The plan is to roll them up and put them in the cubby when I am on my own in the car! I love the cold fresh air :smile: