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Greetings from Germany


I am Tido from Germany and became infected with electric vehicles in 2010. I first bought a Vectrix and in 2013 I bought an used Twizy. I have driven about 50000 electric kilometers and I am totally electrified :wink:


Welcome to our group. That is some distance all electric with such small vehicles.I’m impressedm.

I wonder if that’s one of the highest personal mileages on electric worldwide so far?


hi there
So tell a little about ur twizzzz. handsfree Phone kit? transparant top?

Unlikely, as I read some US Tesla owners have already clocked over 50K miles in their cars, and before that they had Leafs or Volts. It will be interesting to see who have the highest mileage Twizy though.

Makes sense-wonder who gets the mileage crown then?
I wonder what the highest mileage Twizy is?

Mine is on7000 now, I am sure there are plenty higher .

50000km is surely not the highest personal mileage on electric vehicles…

My Twizzzz has no handsfree phone kit - it has a standard USB car radio, which I devided in two parts: The front panel is above the windscreen…and the rest in the dashboard! Works fine. It is also equipped with the Highlander foils, Gas Power/Elia Windows and the OVMS - which is not fully integrated yet.

I really love the twizy despite having to rent the batteries - I will start an international signature collection for an option to buy the battery soon… :wink:

Mine is on 11000. Not exactly trouble free but fun miles.

Mine is 8900 and climbing fast, 36 mile commute every day :expressionless:

Those of you who have done around the 10K miles, can you kindly tell us what needed replacing, eg brakes, tyres etc.

I haven’t done 10K But tyres will need to be doen before this winter say around 7K
Brakes looking like 12k

Had brakes done under warranty recall for rear caliper but they replaced the lot at 7800. Tyres look good for another 5k. Stopped charging suddenly at 10300 but was again done under warranty think it was the converter. They did say that my plug was a little damaged and reccomended a new lead but was 292 quid plus fitting so I changed the plug instead… The doors and windows have rubbed on the frame a tiny bit and I’m having that looked at under paint warranty in a week.

Are you talking about your original tyres? Does it mean you can make them last for about !5K miles? How do you do it? I and Osbrook are getting probably no more than 7K miles.
My windows rub on the frame too which is inevitable, I suppose. It hasn’t damaged the paintwork but has left marks which I am sure can be polished out. Let us know if you have any luck with warranty claim.

Yes still on original and about 3.7mm of tread left… Car in dealers on 21st so will keep you all up to date.